10 Good Luck Tattoos for Men and Women That Are Always in Style

Tattoos are not a new phenomenon. They have been around for thousands of years. As it gained prominence through the centuries, the concept of ‘good luck tattoos’ or ‘lucky tattoos’ to usher in prosperity became increasingly popular.

The first hard evidence of a tattooed person is a 5,300-year-old natural mummy of a man named Ötzi, whose body was accidentally found by a couple of tourists in Bolzano, Italy, in the early nineties. The mummy had around 61 tattoos — all in geometric form. Body art has been used as a way to indicate social status, religion, or caste. It was also used as a means of branding people according to their rank in ancient society.

The history of tattoos and their relevance in today’s world

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Two women from the Kandh tribe of Orissa in India. Image: Courtesy Parijrg Borgohain/Unsplash

Since 2100 BC, tattooing has be hasen a commbeenice in Alaska, China, Russia, Greenland, and Egypt. It was also widespread in the Philippines. In Asia, tattooing was viewed as a conservative practice, with only bandits, rebels, and corebels, being tattooed.

Tattooing without a license from a doctor is prohibited in South Korea. In India, it is a prominent part of the country’s diverse culture. Women in the North East of India were tattooed as a protection measure. In the central, west, and southern parts, this practice is followed as well. In Indian culture, tattoos are a sign of masculinity and strength for men.

As evidenced by mummies, tattooing in Egypt was a standard medicalis islandarrendere Western world was unpopular and even condemned this art until the 19th Century when the electric machine for tattooing art on the skin was invented. In feudal society, getting a tattoo became a symbol of status. This was a way for sailors to remember their loved ones while they were on the road.

In the 20th Century, tattoos were associated with gangs and punk. Tattoos became popularized in pop culture when celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who are both Hollywood stars and football legend,s David Beckham, got inked.

Since the likeeinkeda  ,been a shiftin the way people view this practice. It is no longer just seen as a fashion statement but alsfashion statement butlf-expression. Getting inked in today’s They are gettings with ing control of your body and exercising agency.

These ten tattoos stylist are stylishgs.

Shooting stars

Star shine
Image: Courtesy Stuttgart Mitte/Instagram

In many cultures, wishing upon a shooting star is an integral pinternal culture. Getting it tattooed is equated with ushering good luck in one’s life. These tattoos can be inked onto the wrists of tattoo enthusiasts.


Image: Courtesy of tattooist_neul/Instagram

Native American culture gives a great deal of meaning to this tattoo. It is considered one of the best-luck tattoos. A dreamcatcher is believed to prevent bad dreams, get a peaceful night’s sleep, bring prosperity and good luck into one’s life, and ward off evil spirits and bad thoughts.

Four-leaf clover

Image: Courtesy Eunyu/Instagram

The four-leaf clover tattoo is a native of Ireland. The four leaves are symmetrical and represent love, faith, hope, and luck.

Lucky bamboo

Image: Courtesy of Tussilago.t/Instagram

The lucky bamboo plant, a Feng Shui favorite, is used inside to bring in good fortune. Six stalks of this plant symbolize good luck, while two represent love. The benefits of a bamboo tattoo are many. Chi or energy is what it’s believSemicolonlon

Semi colon
Image: Courtesy Sean Weiss/Instagram

This design has gained a lot of significance in today’s time and age. Inkingsemicolonlon is associated with spreading mental health awareness, spreading positivity, and attracting good luck and energy.

Zodiac sign

Image: Courtesy Tattoo One Love Studio/Instagram

It’s a no-brainer. The symbol of the zodiac sign can have a powerful effect on your life. The sun sign symbol can be used as a tattoo to aid in the manifestation of the stars and bring the best luck.

The sun

Image: Courtesy Unsplash/Content Pixie

The sun’s life-giving qualities are associated with renewal and rebirth. For maximum luck, experts recommend getting the sun tattooed on your palms or elbows. The only star in the solar system is a popular tattoo for men and women.

Moon phases

phases of the moon
Image courtesy of Andrea Romero/Instagram

The moon, like the sun, represents different phases of life. The waning or waxing moon is a symbol of the highs and lows of one’s life. It also shows how resilient you are to continue with optimism and hope. Inking these symbols represents luck and hope.


body art
Image: Courtesy T M Tattoo/Instagram

The pharaohs used this Egyptian symbol to promote longevity and ward off evil eyes. According to ancient Egyptian texts, it is said to bring life. This symbol is part of Egyptian culture, and history, and can be found on tombstones.

Crossing fingers

good luck tattoos
Image: Courtesy of Rae/Rachael/Instagram

We have all, whether we are superstitious, crossed our fingers at one time or another to achieve something that we wanted at a crucial moment in our life. Crossed fingers are a popular tattoo.

Can’t wait to get inked? Here are somessentialnt tips.

artist at work
Image: Courtesy Benjamin Lehman/Unsplash

It is not always a spontaneous choice to get a tattoo. Many things need to be considered before the final design. While it is an excellent way to express oneself and a form of creative body art, certain safety precautito must be taken to prevent allergic reactions and bruises. If you have sensitive skin, consult with a dermatologist before getting a permanent tattoo.

First, the tattooist must be highly recommended and an expert on the subject. The artist should also use gloves, and open disposable, sterilized equipment, except for the tattoo gun.

After the tatessentialne, it’s essential to maintain the tattoo. The tattoo area should be kept clean and dry. Use a moisturizer often and avoid sun exposure. It can also be beneficial to cover the affected area with loose cotton clothing.

Do not apply any other moisturizer than the recommended one on the tattooed area of the skin.

(Hero and featured images: Courtesy of Jamakassi/Unsplash)

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