40+ Perfectly Timed Tattoos That Fit So Well Into Reality, They’ll Leave You Amazed

Everybody tells you to think about your future before you get a tattoo. That conversation is typically aimed at ensuring you’ll be able to get a job and that you won’t have any regrets, but have you ever considered when your future tattoos will be in the perfect place at the perfect time?

Below, we’ve compiled a list of photos where tattoos perfectly coincided with the situations they were in. These tattoos are amazing, matching up with everything from clothing to bug bites to aligning with them beautifully. Enjoy scrolling through these pics that might inspire your next tat, and remember to upvote the moments you’re glad were captured on camera!

1. A Dragon Fly landed on my friend’s foot and mirrored its tattoo

A Dragon Fly Landed On My Friends Foot And Mirrored Its Own Tattoo

2. My Pineapple T-Shirt is a perfect match for my Pineapple Tattoo

My Pineapple Shirt Lines Up With My Pineapple Tattoo

3. I Got A Mosquito Bite On My Greyscale Tattoo. It looks like pink blush on your cheek

I Got A Mosquito Bite On My Greyscale Tattoo. It Looks Like Pink Blush On The Cheek

The process of choosing the perfect tattoo can be difficult. If you’re as indecisive as I am, you’ve likely spent months researching inspirational pics and scouring the internet for photos that will help you explain your vision to an artist. There are many things to consider: the subject, style, color, size, location, artist, and so on. You can easily drive yourself crazy making sure that this permanent piece of artwork doesn’t lead to any regrets. But it’s important to be extremely confident in your tattoo decisions because you will have to look at your ink for Your life for the rest of it. There’s no need to rush into anything…

It can be a great feeling to have the right ink for the situation. You might have guessed that the bumblebee was aware of where you were, or that the mosquito knew exactly where it wanted to bite you. Although tattoos are permanent art, they can still be altered by bug bites, sunburns, or other means.

4. This Honeycomb Honeycomb Bee was a Tattoo

This Bee Landed On A Tattoo Of A Honeycomb

5. My Vaccine was given, my tattoo was stabbed in the eye and I need an eyepatch

Got My Vaccine, My Tattoo Got Stabbed In The Eye And Needs An Eyepatch

6. It Looks Like My Coworker’s Tattoo Is Petting The Kitten

It Looks Like My Coworker’s Tattoo Is Petting The Kitten

Each tattoo is special. We are not sure what the meaning of many of these tattoos means. These tattoos were special enough that someone would want to place them permanently on their bodies. They also became more precious when they matched up with a specific situation. If you’re wondering how on Earth someone could choose the perfect tattoo for themself though, have no fear. We’ve consulted this article from Byrdie to help readers have absolutely “no regrets” when it comes to getting some inkwork done.

Jodie Michalak offers the following tip to prospective tattoo artists: “Ask yourself what you want.” Why? If you are looking for body art, Jaz Paulino, a tattoo artist, said that people who get tattoos for themselves, their loved ones, or friends, will always treasure them. A tattoo can be a way to honor a deceased loved one, a family member, or a long-term friend. It’s almost always a good idea to get something for someone you care about.

7. This woman’s tattoo is the same design as that on this guy’s shirt.

This Woman Has A Tattoo On Her Shoulder That Is The Exact Same As The Design On This Guys Shirt

8. The way my girlfriend’s shirt matches her tattoo

The Way My Girlfriend's Shirt Lines Up With Her Tattoo

9. The little pimple that has formed on my skin within my tattoo looks like a sunset

This Little Pimple That Has Formed On My Skin Within My Tattoo Looks Like A Sunset

If you’ve decided you want a tattoo but are having a hard time picking the perfect design, the next step should be consulting an artist you trust. Explain the idea behind the tattoo and what you’re envisioning, and they can help create a unique piece of artwork for you. Even if it’s something simple, like a plant or animal, there are a million ways it can be interpreted. An artist can provide a few options of sketches in various styles to help you understand exactly what you’re looking for (and what you would rather not have). Also, this is a good time to discuss the placement and size of your tattoo. What visibility do you desire it to have? What detail can the artist add to your design? These are also important considerations.

10. My Shirt and My Tattoo meld Together

The Way My Shirt And Tattoo Meld Together

11. I Found A Turtle That Matches With My Tattoo

I Found A Turtle That Matches My Tattoo

12. This Hearing Impaired Persons Tattoo is Next to Her Hearing Aid

This Hearing Impaired Persons Tattoo Next To Her Hearing Aid

Michalak also notes that it’s crucial to make sure Your future tattoo makes you happy. Never get a tattoo to appease or impress someone. It’s on You It is your body that you should consider, so it is the most important thing to do when getting it. What would you think about your tattoo five years from now? And if you need inspiration for what you’ll find meaningful forever, look to what you find sentimental. Every person has a favorite quote, song, or plant. What is your nickname? It could be a cute tattoo! If you’re stumped, feel free to reach out to your loved ones as well, as they’ll likely be able to share fond memories and stories that you may not have even considered incorporating into your body art.

13. I Have Three Freckles That Looks Like Orion’s Belt, So I Tattooed The Rest Of The Constellation

I Have Three Freckles That Looks Like Orion’s Belt, So I Tattooed The Rest Of The Constellation

14. My tattoo is peeling and it looks like the petals are falling.

My Tattoo Is Peeling And It Looks Like The Petals Are Falling

15. A balloon that looks like my tattoo was found

Came Across A Balloon That Resembles My Tattoo

16. My new Rei credit card has an eerily similar design to my year-old tattoo

My New Rei Credit Card Has An Eerily Similar Design To My Year Old Tattoo

17. My Tattoo had her covid shot exactly in the same spot as mine.

My Tattoo Got Her Covid Shot In The Exact Same Location That I Did

18. My friend gave me a can of Arizona Green Tea. I noticed that my tattoo and shirt match the can.

Grabbed A Can Of Arizona Green Tea At My Friends House And Noticed My Tattoo And Shirt Match The Can

19. My cat shook me perfectly in line with my golden spiral tattoo

My Cat Scratched Me Perfectly In Line With My Golden Spiral Tattoo

20. The Way The Surgeon Made This Incision On My Boyfriend’s Arm To Keep His Tattoo As Unchanged As Possible After He Tore His Bicep

The Way The Surgeon Made This Incision On My Boyfriend’s Arm To Keep His Tattoo As Unchanged As Possible After He Tore His Bicep

21. My 92-year-old. Grandma At 18 Years Old, Got an Infinity Tattoo

My 92 Y.o. Grandma Got An Infinity Tattoo When She Was 18

22. My Invisible (White), Tattoo is Currently Visible

My Invisible (White) Tattoo Is Currently Visible

23. When I stepped out of the tattoo shop, I found a lovely Cicada

I Found A Lovely Cicada The Moment I Stepped Out Of The Tattoo Shop

24. This Bruise Nearly Paints My Bee Tattoo

This Bruise Nearly Colours My Bee Tattoo

The pain of getting a tattoo is temporary (although it may not feel like that at the moment), but if discomfort is a factor you’re concerned about, artists have some recommendations for people with low-pain tolerances. If you aren’t sure if your body can take the intense pain, you should avoid the elbows and tops of the legs, the inner arm region, the sternum, the kneecaps, and the ribs. But we all want our tattoos to last a long time too, so if you want to make sure you don’t choose a fading-prone location, you might want to skip any finger or mouth tattoos. Remember to moisturize your tattoos exposed to sunlight and apply plenty of sunscreens!

25. My tattoo made the same face as mine when I woke up with a pimple on my nose

My Tattoo Made The Same Face That I Do When Waking Up With A Pimple On My Nose

26. My Oscar Wilde tattoo is peeling and it looks like the Picture of Dorian Gray

My Oscar Wilde Tattoo Is Peeling And It Looks Like The Picture Of Dorian Gray

27. How my Tank Top Straps Are Symmetrically Aligned With My Tattoo

How My Tank Top Straps Symmetrically Align With My Tattoo!

I would purchase every color and pattern of that shirt. OR, you can wear it every day. **EDITED for grammar.

Are you thinking of planning your next tattoo around a shirt that you currently own or based on the butterflies that tend to say hello when you’re outside gardening? Whether art imitates life or life imitates art, it’s always fun to realize that our tattoos are in the perfect place at just the right time. We hope you’re enjoying these satisfying pics, pandas, and if you’ve got any examples of times your tattoos were perfectly fitting, feel free to share them in the comments below. Then, if you’re interested in checking out another Bored Panda Look no further for amazing tattoos that pop when their canvases move.

28. A Friend from Overseas and a Bartender in Town Both Have The Same Tattoo

Friend Visiting From Overseas And A Bartender In Town Have The Same Tattoo

29. My Moth Tattoo: A Butterfly Landing

A Butterfly Landing On My Moth Tattoo

30. My friend had his Covid Vaccine shot, and it gave him a tattoo with a blindfold.

My Friend Got His Covid Vaccine Shot, And It Gave His Tattoo A Blindfold

31. This Ring I Bought That Unintentionally Fits My Tattoo Perfectly…

This Ring I Bought That Unintenyionally Fits My Tattoo Perfectly…

32. This water droplet landed perfectly on my arm to make it look like my Scorpion tattoo was holding it

This Water Droplet Landed Perfectly On My Arm To Make It Look Like My Scorpion Tattoo Was Holding It

33. I tattooed a solar system on my forearm and later got a mole on Jupiter which now represents its great red spot.

I Tattooed A Solar System On My Forearm And Later Got A Mole On Jupiter Which Now Represents Its Great Red Spot

34. One random guy I met at a concert had the same tattoo as me.

Some Random Guy I Met At A Concert Had The Same Tattoo I Did

35. I had a mosquito bite right next to my tattoo, and it made the letters look 3D.

I Got A Mosquito Bite Next To A Tattoo And It Made The Letters Swell Up Into 3D

36. Today I met a woman who has a Larry David tattoo on her leg.

Met A Woman Today Who Also Has A Tattoo Of Larry David On Her Calf

37. This Dragonfly Landed On My Dragonfly Tattoo

This Dragonfly Landed On My Dragonfly Tattoo

38. My tattoo got a mosquito bite right where the nipple should be

My Tattoo Got A Mosquito Bite Right Where The Nipple Should Be

39. This Cicada On My Cicada Tattoo

This Cicada On My Cicada Tattoo

40. This surgery required an incision right through the center of my tattoo

This Surgery Required An Incision Right Through The Center Of My Tattoo

41. It looks like my Spearfishing Tattoo Shot Me because of the way that a cut is placed on my ankle.

The Position Of A Cut On My Ankle Makes It Look Like My Spearfishing Tattoo Shot Me

42. I Saw A Stranger With A Pizza Tattoo Holding A Pizza

I Saw A Stranger With A Pizza Tattoo Holding A Pizza

43. My New Tattoo Looks Like It’s Part Of The Artwork.

The Blood On My New Tattoo Looks Like It Is Supposed To Be Part Of The Artwork

44. A random guy at my bar discovered that we have very similar tattoos on the same body part.

A Random Guy At The Bar I Work At And I Found Out We Have Very Similar Tattoos On The Same Body Part

45. I got sunburned on my skin and only the white ink blistered

I Got A Sunburn On My Tattoo And Only The White Ink Blistered

46. Table At Mcdonald’s Matched My Leg Tattoo

Table At Mcdonald’s Matched My Leg Tattoo

47. My Mom ran into someone with the same tattoo as her, in the same spot.

My Mom Ran Into Someone With The Same Tattoo As Her In The Same Spot As Her Just Mirrored

48. My Bruise From archery Mirrors My Tattoo

My Bruise From Archery Mirrors My Tattoo

49. Healing Bruise Gives Color To My Tattoo

Healing Bruise Gives Color To My Tattoo

50. Tattooed socks

Tattooed Socks

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