46-Year-Old Mom with 800 Tattoos Banned from Children’s School

Recent reports of people being banned from bars, schools, and other places because of excessive tattoos. Now, a mother of 46, with over 800 tattoos, is facing the same problem.

Melissa Sloan, a Welsh woman who does not hold a Guinness World Record but believes she is “the world’s most tattooed individual,” has been barred from public places, such as parlors, pubs, and schools. She has also been banned from working.

“I cannot get a new job.” They won’t hire me. Melissa told Daily Star that she applied for a position cleaning toilets in the area where she lives and was rejected because of her tattoos.

She can also not watch her children play at the school because she’s not allowed in. She claimed she was forced to watch her children outside the window because “her alternative appearance prevents people from seeing beyond it.”

She has difficulty getting tattooed because tattoo artists refuse to tattoo her face due to her ink addiction. Melissa has tattoos covering her face, including intricate designs like flowers and crucifixes. They cover her cheeks, chin, and forehead.

She was unsatisfied with one layer and continued to ink her face until it was completely covered. She repeated this process three times and now claims to have the most inked facial skin in the world. She admits that she is “addicted to tattoos” and buys three new ones each week. Her partner helps her to reduce costs.

Melissa is planning to continue getting tattoos. She said, “I’d like to do more on my legs, but I won’t be able to. It will turn black or blue once you’ve done it enough.”

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