ACMY Tattoo: Body Art with Locals & Latinos in Mind

Yorman Pineda and Marisela Navarro are a Venezuelan couple who work as a team to bring their art to TT. - Grevic Alvarado
Yorman Pineda & Marisela Navarro from Venezuela are a couple that works together to bring their art to TT. – Grevic Alvarado

Yorman Pineda’s wife Marisela and their passion for tattooing, piercing, are talented Venezuelans.

The couple, both 33 years old, arrived in TT in 2019. After the Venezuelan Government granted work permits, they decided to settle down in TT.

They had always hoped to see their art and designs in TT.

Yorman Pinda is devoted to tattooing for over ten years. – Grevic Alvarado

Navarro and Pineda are tattoo artists. Pineda loved drawing and began to experiment with tattoo design when he was an adult.

“My older brother Xavier loved tattoos and tried to make them using his homemade machines. Pineda stated that the dream of Pineda was to have a professional tattoo machine.

He was just 14 years old when he received his first tattoo.

“I bought my initial machine when I was 17 years old, but I wasn’t really into tattooing. It was a hobby,” he said.

– Grevic Alvarado

He remembers his mother Leticia Sánchez as being his first supporter. She encouraged me to draw, and told me that I should learn tattooing if you want to be a professional. He told me that it helped improve my technique.

Ten years ago, he decided to dedicate himself to tattooing and is still highly sought-after by Latinos as well as locals.

Pineda stated, “I was already passionately involved in tattooing in Venezuela when my decision to move to TT.” “That’s why I wanted to continue my art in TT.

Omarlys was Iguanetti’s tongue was pierced in by Navarro. – Grevic Alvarado

He collaborated with Navarro in order to improve his art.

“We are one group. We are known as such by many. He said that my wife is my friend and sister. She also serves as my assistant. Not only is tattooing, piercing, or any other tattooing technique on the rise among Latinos, but it’s also growing among the locals.

Four years ago, Navarro teamed with Pineda. She chose to study piercing as an addition to her husband’s work.

Pineda does not like tattoos.

– Grevic Alvarado

“Art evolves fast. Each technique is constantly improved and learned by us. Both of us continue to learn and practice every day, with me practising with piercings while my husband drawing. She said it was continuous learning.

Pineda believes that Latinos are able to complement the love of locals for art. According to him, most tattoos that customers are looking for are minimal.

He said, “I do all kinds of tattoos, from letters to landscapes, animals, shapes, and geometry.”

He and Navarro are planning to open a studio and expand the family business.

Pineda stated: “We like this country and we want to continue contributing our artwork, promote small business and that for Tattooing, TT have been exposed internationally als a land of growth and art.”

Anderson, 12, and Christopher, 9, are the children of the couple. They support their businesses. Anderson organizes and cleans areas.

– Grevic Alvarado

Navarro stated that it’s a family job that drives us as artists and provides (financial) support to us in the country.

Acmy Tattoo is their brand name.

Pineda said that she has been supported by many people and sees her family as an example for a family moving forward together.

He was grateful for the contributions of Jorge Marcano and Andy Castellin as well as many others who helped to establish the business’ professional image.

Acmy Tattoo has more information available on social media.

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