Airdrie Skipper’s Honest Admission: I Drank Too Much and Regret It

Callum Fordyce revealed that he got a Diamond tattoo on a “drunken night out” in Benidorm to celebrate the club’s move to the Championship. Fordyce hopes to get a second inking before the end of the next season.

The Diamonds defender revealed that he and his team were much worse off on a group holiday after the idea took hold to mark the play-off victory over Hamilton Accies.

Fordyce is the only member of the 12-man squad who bravely got inked during a night on the town while in Spain.

The club is celebrating its first promotion into the second tier in over a decade with a small diamond-shaped red patch on the left leg.

Fordyce, 30, said that he was “wrecked” one night after he and his teammates went to Benidorm to celebrate their promotion.

“I asked the boys if any of them wanted a tattoo.

“It was funny that were 12 people in the group, and none had tattoos. And none were willing to get their first tattoo, a Diamond.

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Callum Fordyce tattoo

“I was drunk and thought it would make a funny tattoo, so I got one next to my ankle.

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