All Blacks Superfan Makes Bold Rugby World Cup Prediction with Tattoo


Emily McDonald, a dedicated All Blacks fan from Wellington, New Zealand, is so confident that her beloved team will win the Rugby World Cup in 2023 that she made her prediction permanent. McDonald had ‘NZ 2023’ inked inside an outline of the William Webb Ellis trophy on her thigh before the semi-final match.

The decision to commemorate her faith in the All Blacks with a tattoo came after their thrilling 28-24 victory over Ireland in the quarter-finals. The intense match left her exhilarated, and she was confident that the All Blacks would go on to claim the cup.

“I was on a bit of a buzz when it finished because it was a very intense last 10 minutes,” McDonald shared with TVNZ. “I told my dad that if we win, I would get the Rugby World Cup tattooed on in celebration.”

Inspired by her determination and allegiance to the team, a friend suggested she take her confidence to the next level by making her prediction tangible through ink.

Her unwavering faith in the All Blacks is apparent in her choice of tattoo. She stands 100 percent behind her team and has no regrets about her decision. McDonald’s loyalty is a testament to All Blacks fans worldwide’s emotional support for their team.

However, McDonald does have a backup plan in case her bold prediction doesn’t come to fruition. She shared, “Either I leave it because it’s hilarious, or my tattoo artist has said that he can cross out the date for free, and I’ll just change it to the next year that we win.”

As for concerns about the tattoo potentially jinxing the All Blacks’ chances in the upcoming Rugby World Cup in France, McDonald remains unfazed. She acknowledged that people have raised that possibility, but she has a counterpoint: “I guess you could also say that if we win, then it’s because of me as well.”

The passionate All Blacks fan even boldly predicted the scoreline in the upcoming semi-final against Argentina: “50-0. To us.” Her enthusiasm and optimism shine through as she anticipates a resounding victory for her team.

Looking ahead to the Paris final scheduled for October 28, McDonald made another prediction, envisioning a 24-14 win for New Zealand over their familiar rivals, South Africa. Her unwavering support for the All Blacks extends to their victory and her enthusiastic forecasts.

While McDonald’s dedication and inked prediction are remarkable, she’s not the first All Blacks fan to express their confidence and support in such a permanent manner. Four years ago, another supporter, Shaun Pollard, had a tattoo done in anticipation of New Zealand winning the 2019 tournament in Japan, only for the All Blacks to face an unexpected loss in the semi-final against England.

As the Rugby World Cup approaches, fans like Emily McDonald and Shaun Pollard remind us of sports enthusiasts’ deep emotional connections with their favorite teams. The passion, loyalty, and unwavering belief in their groups make moments like these truly special. While predictions are uncertain, the love for the sport and the anticipation of victory are constants that keep fans engaged and excited about what the future holds for their teams.

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