All my music projects would be tattooed on my skin

Ghanaian musician Dennis Nana Dwamena (known in showbiz as Kidi) has revealed his plans to tattoo all of his music projects’ names on his skin.

The ‘Odo’ hitmaker stated that his tattoos represent important things to him and described all his tattoos as distinct representations of things he cherishes immensely.

“A few times here and there, things that will mean something to me on a deeper level, I like to represent them on my skin.” he indicated.

In an interview on ‘Pulse Uncut’, a digital interview segment, he has ten to eleven tattoos currently and described a few of them, their meanings, and how they relate to his personality.

His son Zane, his five moods (represented by the sad emoji and sleepy emoji), as well as the three tattooed rings that he wears around his left arm to grieve the loss of his family members who have died, are just some examples.

“All my projects are going to go on my skin.” Kidi hinted at and has two tattoos of his music projects so far: ‘ Sugar’ his first album, and the “Blue EP,” which helped lighten the mood of many during the 2020’s pandemic with ‘Say Cheese’ and four other breath-taking tunes.

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