American Pickers Danielle Colby Flaunts Chest Tattoos in Stunning White Room Display

AMERICAN Pickers star Danielle Colby has shown off her enormous chest tattoo while giving fans a tour of her all-white studio.

The burlesque performer frequently films and photographs content from the space and shares it with her fans online.

American Pickers star Danielle Colby showed off her impressive new studio
American Pickers star Danielle Colby showed off her impressive new studio credit: Instagram/daniellecolbyamericanpicker
She dubbed the space her 'white room,' giving fans a tour of it
She dubbed the space her ‘white room,’ giving fans a tour of credit: Instagram/daniellecolbyamericanpicker

47 Danielle took to her Instagram feed to give fans a “mini studio tour.”

The History Channel star kicked off the clip showing herself standing outside the room before pushing the door open with her back.

“OK, I told you that I would show you my new studio when it was finished – it’s not finished yet, but here are little pieces of it,” she said.

“This is my white room. I was not going to do a white room, but a white room is so easy to do.”

She then showed off various room sections, including corners with plush chairs, shad rugs, and unique lighting fixtures.

Danielle explained her design inspiration: “I’m gonna do a lot of vintage pieces and burlesque basics.”

The American Pickers star showed inside the closet, revealing various pieces and bright lights for her to record with.

Her tattoos were on full display in the video as she walked through the house in an olive green tank top.

Fans flooded the comments with kind words, with one writing: “You’re gorgeous.”

Someone else commented: “You’re gonna make so much magic in there.”

A third fan wrote: “You are wonderful.”


Danielle isn’t afraid to show off her body.

She recently shared a sexy nude snap showing her posing in her white room.

She shared a close-up selfie that showed her posing completely topless.

Her naturally curly hair was tied back, and she had bold makeup on her face, including long eyelashes and dark pink lip color.

Danielle’s chest and arm tattoos were displayed as she protected her modesty behind a fluffy cushion.

Only little snippets of the background were visible in the post, revealing white curtains and a gold lamp along with a white chair or blanket set up behind her.

Fans got a better look at those pieces in her new video.

The TV personality looked photo-ready in the pic, giving a sultry stare into the lens.

“Just set up my new studio! I can’t wait to share more photos and videos with you,” Danielle announced in her caption.

“Maybe I’ll give you a quick tour sometime this week,” she teased.

Last week, Danielle seemingly shared another photo from the same photoshoot, where she hid her nearly nude body under a fuzzy blanket.

In the Instagram photo, the History Channel notably teased her long, bare legs and showed off the tattoos on her arms.

She ruffled her highlighted hair while shooting a sexy gaze at the camera.

The reality star covered her exposed breasts with the white blanket.

Danielle captioned the steamy post: “How many of you have that one soft or fluffy or squishy pillow or blanket that just makes everything better?”


Then, at the beginning of this month, Danielle shared an even sexier snap inside the space.

In the pic, she appeared completely naked, posing with a lush background behind her that included a white fuzzy blanket.

She placed a large black bar over her body, concealing her breasts and other private areas.

The American Pickers star pulled a sexy face at the camera, sticking out her tongue slightly.

She captioned the post: “Is it a bit nipply out, or just me?”

Danielle directed her fans to her Patreon account, where they can pay to subscribe and see more of her content.

In the comments, supporters gushed over the TV personality’s sexy look in the snap.

One wrote: “Too bad about the black bar.”

Another commented: “I don’t know, I can’t see dammit! Who blurred it out….hahahahahaha.”

A third fan wrote: “Too bad we can’t see through the censored part to be able to tell.”

Someone else chimed in, writing: “Heartstopper!!!!”

A fifth fan wrote: “Beautiful.”

Danielle showed off the closet, revealing burlesque costumes galore
Danielle showed off the closet, revealing burlesque costumes galoreCredit: Instagram/daniellecolbyamericanpicker
The History Channel star has shared a number of nude and nearly nude photos in the space
The History Channel star has shared several nude and nearly nude photos in the space credit: Instagram/daniellecolbyamericanpicker
She isn't afraid to show off her body on social media
She isn’t afraid to show off her body on social media credit: INSTAGRAM/daniellecolbyamericanpicker

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