American Pickers Danielle Colby poses completely naked at the beach and shows off her massive tattoos for a sexy new photo

AMERICAN Pickers’ Danielle Colby posed nude on a sandy beach while showing off her tattoos in a sexy photo.

The History Channel star has been a proud model and shows no fear of showing off her body. She posted the picture on Instagram Wednesday.

American Pickers star Danielle Colby poses nude on the beach while showing off her tattoos to create a new photograph credit: Danielle Colby/Instagram
The History Channel star has repeatedly proven that she isn’t afraid to show off her body. Credit: Instagram/ Danielle Colby

Danielle, 47 years old, captioned the photograph: “30% off through midnight!” It’s easy to find it,” Danielle, 47, captioned the photo. She was referring to OnlyFans, the account of a reality TV star.

The cropped photo showed American Pickers star American Pickers lying completely naked in the surf, without showing any of the more intimate parts.

The 47-year-old seemed to enjoy the seaside shoot, as she was captured laughing at the waves crashing against her body.

The photo shows Danielle’s traditional-style tattoos as well as everything above the water’s surface.

A tattoo showing a photographer holding an old camera covered her left arm and shoulder, while a ship wheel and leopard print were visible on the TV personality.

Danielle showed off her curves again this week while sporting a bikini as she went for an ocean swim.

The caption by the mother-of-one was a caption for the underwater shot with a quote from David Lynch, the film director.

The caption stated: Meditation is to dive all of the ways within, past thought, to the source and pure consciousness.”

Entertainment is the most popular genre.

She added, “It expands the container every time that you transcend.” When you come out, your energy is renewed and you are full of enthusiasm for living.

The photo captured the TV star in a printed bikini top and bright yellow swimsuit bottoms as she swam near the ocean floor.

As she padded toward the surface, the 46-year-old displayed her tattooed arms & torso.

One fan commented in the comment section that he was “getting creature from the dark lagoon vibes love”

Another fan commented, “Very beautiful lady. Danielle you [look] So relaxed.

“You just made mine day,” added a third.


The reality star often takes to Instagram to show off daring ensembles, and oftentimes bares all.

In a recent daring clip on Instagram, Danielle strutted around her bedroom, rocking string lingerie while twirling a large blue and white feather.

The nearly-nude dancer exposed her breasts in the see-through top, though her backside was entirely out as she shook it at the camera.

Her collection of tattoos on her stomach, back, and arms were also displayed in the outfit.

Danielle, a Burlesque dancer who also tries her hand at it, explained the routine with her caption. She said that she began dancing because of her recovery from surgery.

She wrote: “I’ve been working on some movement post-operation and have been inspired to do a little fan dance practice. I’ve uploaded the full video to the sites! Sweet dreams.”

Danielle went nearly nude in a bra and thong while displaying her burlesque dance in a recent video


Fans often get a good look at The Picker’s star, with her sometimes twerking in pasties that cover her nipples.

An example of that was when the reality star posted an NSFW video on Instagram to celebrate Halloween.

In the video, Danielle wears tassels in the shape of spider webs over her nipples, while pairing the look with a black thong and fishnet stockings.

In the racy video, she shakes her back at the camera and shows off her thong.

The sheer spiderweb fabric gives her a complete view of her body, allowing her to strike various poses.

Towards the end of the video, the American Pickers star strips off her thong, completely naked, with only the boa covering her private areas.

Fans are often shocked by Danielle’s sexy display, with some wondering why this side of her is not shown on the History Channel show amid its troubled ratings.

“Why wasn’t this on American Pickers?” One person asked.

“You’re the only reason I ever watched American Pickers…” another gushed.

A third person said that “Looking fabulous, I hope you’re on your way to recovery.”


Danielle has been slowly recovering since undergoing a hysterectomy in October 2022 after suffering from painful uterine fibroids.

She has had to deal with chronic pain for years, making it difficult for her to get back on her feet.

She spent about 14 days unable to eat solid food.

Danielle shared: “I lost so much weight so fast that my body could not muster up the strength to continue to heal properly.”

Although she is on the mend, the TV star said she’s being cautious: “I’ve been out of bed, running around town, mostly pain-free, being social and productive for 4 days now.

“I’m careful not to wear myself down, but I need to be outside my house, for now, enjoying long walks, vintage shopping, grocery getting, etc.”

The TV personality previously confessed to feeling “exhausted and down.”

“Things don’t always go as planned so I anticipate that change is inevitable,” she said.

“It seems that on my best days, I’m out and about. My body and mind are always moving.

Danielle was nearly nude while wearing a bra, thong, and burlesque dancer in a recent video credit: Instagram / Danielle Colby
Danielle has been on the mend since undergoing a hysterectomy that was needed due to suffering from painful uterine fibroids
Danielle is doing well since her hysterectomy, which was required due to painful uterine fibroids. Credit: Instagram/ Danielle Colby
Danielle pictured with American Pickers creator and star, Mike Wolfe
Danielle with Mike Wolfe (American Pickers creator, star), Credit: Instagram / @daniellecolbyqor

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