American Pickers Star Danielle’s Bold Instagram Shot Reveals Her Tattoos and Love Life


American Pickers star Danielle, known for her antique expertise on the History Channel, recently shared a daring and revealing shot on her Instagram, leaving her adoring social media followers stunned and intrigued. In the captivating post, the 47-year-old celebrity flaunted her hourglass figure in a bold and artistic display of body art.

Danielle immersed herself in a free-standing bathtub in the photograph, creating a visually striking scene. Her wavy brunette hair was elegantly pulled back, concealed by an elaborate patterned headpiece that added an extra layer of allure to the image. With her eyes accentuated by plenty of eyeliner and mascara and her lips adorned with a bright, bold pink shade, Danielle embraced a vibrant and colorful look.

Danielle Colby shared a sexy new photo from her private bathtub
Danielle Colby shared a sexy new photo from her private bathtubCredit: Jeremy Scheuch.
Danielle used the photo to promote her OnlyFans account
Danielle used the photo to promote her OnlyFans account credit: History Channel.

However, her attire, or rather the lack thereof, garnered the most attention. Danielle went topless for the shot, confidently covering her breasts with her hands, revealing a stunning array of tattoos adorned her chest and arms. The tattoos added a unique and artistic dimension to the image, showcasing Danielle’s personal style and self-expression.

While maintaining an air of mystery and artistic flair, Danielle tastefully wore a peach-colored robe over her midsection, allowing the fabric to float gently in the water and hint at the contours of her thighs. The overall composition of the photograph was a blend of boldness and elegance, capturing the essence of Danielle’s personality.

In her caption, Danielle hinted at exciting developments for her OnlyFans subscribers, teasing, “New photos coming this weekend… Links in linktree in bio…” This cryptic message left her followers curious and eager for more.

Acknowledging the intimate nature of the shot, Danielle made sure to credit her fiancé, Jeremy Scheuch, as the photographer responsible for capturing this captivating moment. It was a gesture that revealed a glimpse into her personal life and the support she receives from her loved ones.

In the post’s comment section, Danielle received an outpouring of support and admiration from her fans. One comment read, “Looking amazing as always,” while another expressed, “You are awesome,” and a third admirer stated, “Perfect woman.” The photograph resonated with her followers, who appreciated her confidence and artistic expression.

It’s important to note that while Danielle has been delighting her fans with these captivating images, she is not a single lady. She divorced her first husband, Chad Cushman, in 2012, and they share two children: a son named Miles and a daughter named Memphis. In December 2020, Danielle and her fiancé, Jeremy, joyfully announced their engagement, making it clear that she had found love again.

In a heartwarming note shared on social media, Danielle revealed the unique circumstances of their engagement, saying, “I did a thing! After almost six long years, I finally made an honest man out of my king… I proposed to him on my birthday while we were filming my birthday burlesque show!…” This glimpse into their romantic journey hints at the deep connection they share.


Fans online gushed over the television star's raunchy pic
Fans online gushed over the television star’s raunchy credit: Instagram
Danielle has made it clear that she is not single, and she's getting married soon to Jeremy Scheuch
Danielle has made it clear that she is not single, and she’s getting married soon to Jeremy ScheuchCredit: Instagram/daniellecolbyamericanpicker
American Pickers has been having a difficult time keeping their ratings up
American Pickers has been having a difficult time keeping their ratings credit: History Channel

As for their wedding plans, Jeremy indicated that they might tie the knot shortly. In 2022, the couple disclosed details of their first date and the anticipation of their impending wedding in a beachy photo. Jeremy shared this adorable photo on his Instagram, captioning it with, “7 years ago today, on Valentine’s Day, I took this woman on a date to see Fleetwood Mac. We’re still going strong. Next year, we’re getting married.”

While Danielle’s life is filled with love and excitement, the most recent season of American Pickers has faced some challenges, particularly regarding ratings. In addition, there have been reports that co-host Mike Wolfe and his brother Robbie may be considering retiring from the show, signaling a potential change in the future of this beloved series.

A source close to Mike Wolfe shared, “I don’t know how long the show will last. I don’t know how long Mike and Robbie want to do this. I think they would like to retire at some point. It’s been 12 years.” The source also highlighted the mixed emotions that come with any long-term job, noting that while there are days when the job feels burdensome, there are also days filled with excitement and enthusiasm.

As the future of American Pickers remains uncertain, Danielle’s fans continue to support her creative endeavors and eagerly await updates on her OnlyFans. Her bold and artistic Instagram shot is a testament to her vibrant personality and passion for self-expression, captivating her audience and leaving them wanting more.

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