Angelie ‘Pench’ Andanar Challenges Norms as White Castle Whiskey’s Calendar Girl


In a groundbreaking move challenging traditional beauty norms, White Castle Whiskey has proudly announced Angelie “Pench” Andanar as its latest calendar girl. This announcement marks a significant departure from conventional portrayals of beauty, holding particular significance in a society where tattoos are often met with scepticism.

Boasting an impressive 1 million followers on Facebook, Andanar expressed her gratitude for this unique opportunity, stating, “Grateful for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Thank you, Lord. My name is Pench, your calendar girl.” The response from her supporters and friends has been overwhelmingly positive, with many congratulating her and emphasizing the importance of spotlighting women who defy societal moulds.

In its move to challenge norms, White Castle Whiskey highlighted its commitment to ending tattoo discrimination in the Philippines. Angelie Andanar, a freelance model and single mother from Pampanga, defies the typical calendar girl stereotype with her detailed and extensive body tattoos, positioning herself as a symbol of edgy beauty and self-expression.

Andanar’s advocacy against tattoo discrimination forms a significant part of her identity. Her body art is more than mere adornments; it is a powerful statement of individuality, challenging societal norms that often perceive tattoos with scepticism.

For Andanar, this move by White Castle Whiskey acknowledges tattoos as a form of beauty and celebrates the stories and experiences they represent. The 36-year-old calendar girl, whose modelling journey commenced in 2006, gained notable recognition as FHM Philippines’ Girlfriend of the Month in May 2010, showcasing her unique blend of an angelic face with bold tattoos that has positioned her as a prominent influencer in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

Andanar’s influence extends to Alua, a platform where she shares exclusive content with her audience. Through over 242 photos and 19 videos, she provides an insider’s view into her life and style, solidifying her status as a role model and a voice for self-expression.

Expressing her gratitude, Andanar thanked White Castle Whiskey for advocating for women and celebrating diversity in every shape, colour, and age. This move aligns with the brand’s commitment to inclusivity, evident in its past calendar girls like Ria Atayde, a body positivity advocate, and Sassa Gurl, a representative of the LGBTQIA+ community.

As White Castle Whiskey continues to break beauty barriers, Angelie “Pench” Andanar is a powerful symbol of redefining beauty standards and promoting acceptance and inclusivity. The brand’s progressive approach reflects a commitment to embracing diversity and challenging societal norms in beauty and representation.

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