Angelina Jolie’s Middle Finger Tattoo Insights: Artist Talks Brad Pitt Connection

Angelina Jolie has left her fans guessing about her new middle finger tattoos, which many believe are aimed at her ex-husband and actor Brad Pitt. Now, her tattoo artist has denied all such assumptions and said he will soon share a picture of the actual tattoos Angelina got on both her middle fingers. 

Mr. K on Angelina’s tattoos

On Tuesday, Tattoo artist Mr. K shared on his Instagram page that he recently got lucky to have inked Hollywood star Angelina Jolie. However, he blurred the tattoo in the picture he shared on Instagram and captioned it, “@angelinajolie Still can’t believe that I grabbed her hand and tattooed her. Guess what she got on her palm? #angelinajolie #mrktattoo.”

Soon after, many in the comments section made wild guesses about what the tattoo could be. Mr. K deleted most of the negative comments and replied in the comments section, “It’s NOTHING related to Brad Pitt. Guys, it’s photoshopped to cover the tattoo. Let me post an actual tattoo photo very soon. :).”

Fans react to Angelina’s new tattoos.

Since then, many have asked Mr. K to reveal the tattoo. Looking convinced with his reply, a person commented on his post, “People are so weird always inserting that man into her life. She already removed the one tattoo she had for him.” Another wrote, “I am sure they have special meaning to her. There is a lightness about her.” One more said, “I would guess something spiritual, as if getting a tattoo from you wasn’t already a life goal. Now it’s a must.”

Many, however, couldn’t stop praising her hands. “Even the palms of her hands are so perfect,” wrote one. “Even her hands are gorgeous,” wrote another. A comment also read: “I love that she still gets tattoos even in her 40s. She still a bad girl.”

Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt after two years of marriage and 12 years of being together and being parents to their six children. They have a legal tussle going on over property and other issues. In June, Brad sued Angelina for selling her portion of their shared French vineyard without consulting him.

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