Angie Hauler Seeks Artist for Heartfelt Memorial on the Anniversary of Daughter’s Tragic Passing


Angie Hauler is looking for an artist to tattoo an extraordinary tribute in honor of her 14-year-old daughter, Abbie. Abbie died last Dec. 19 from a blood clot in her heart after testing positive for influenza A.

Hauler is hoping a local tattoo artist can squeeze her into their calendar for Dec. 19 – the day her daughter passed away.

“She had a cough and kept complaining of her chest hurting. I just told her it’s probably from how harsh your cough was. You probably just bruised a rib or something,” said Hauler.

The doctor tested her for COVID-19, and it came back negative. She was then tested for the flu, and it was influenza A.

Hauler says the doctor told her, worst case scenario, Abbie could end up in the hospital for dehydration. She was told to give her plenty of liquids. Hauler says she was never informed of the risk a blood clot could form.

Abbie was found unresponsive just a day after visiting the doctor’s office, and a week since her cough first began. Hauler had an autopsy performed that confirmed a blood clot in Abbie’s heart – brought on by the virus.

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“The doctor returned and said blood clots can form in sporadic cases with influenza A. I was never told that. He said to the naked eye, she was a completely healthy 14-year-old girl,” said Hauler as she held back tears.

Almost a year later, Hauler wants to share Abbie’s story to warn others of the rare – but fatal complications that can come from the flu virus.

“Her laugh was very contagious. She was always laughing. It’s one of the things that we miss. It’s too quiet around here now,” said Hauler when asked about the videos she watches of Abbie laughing on her cell phone and TikTok.

Urn with Ladybug Hauler Wants Tattooed
Urn with Ladybug Hauler Wants Tattooed

Hauler says it’s been challenging to get an appointment with artists booked months out, some until April! Hauler says she had no clue to schedule far in advance.

“It’s now becoming a reality that she is not coming back, and I’ve been trying to spend this day, and I think this would be the perfect way to spend this day. To get this tattoo,” said Hauler. “We were going to get matching ladybug tattoos. It’s a ladybug with a heart and her two thumbprints inside. She was cremated, and the ladybug is on the urn.”

Hauler says she would be forever grateful if an artist could complete the tattoo for her on Dec. 19. Meanwhile, she is spreading Abbie’s story to warn others.

“People need to know and take the flu more seriously. It doesn’t matter. You can be healthy. You can never be sick and get sick one time, and that one time can be it.”

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