Anthony Brown Joins Steelers Practice Squad with Literal Chip Tattoo on Shoulder

Becoming a professional athlete requires a unique blend of determination, self-discipline, and, sometimes, a chip on your shoulder. While the latter is often symbolic, representing a drive to prove oneself due to past slights, Anthony Brown, the new cornerback for the Pittsburgh Steelers’ practice squad, takes it quite literally.

Brown has been exuding what can best be described as “angry, underappreciated energy” since he was overlooked in the 2016 NFL Draft. To commemorate his draft position, he got a tattoo of an actual chip—seemingly a Ruffle—on his right shoulder. Alongside the chip, he inked the number 189, marking the spot where he was drafted following a successful stint at Purdue University.

Though Brown initially shared his unique tattoo on Instagram in 2017, he removed the post. The caption read, “Been playing with a chip on my shoulder all my life.” Now, the notorious tattoo is back in the spotlight.

This literal and metaphorical chip has fueled a commendable NFL career for Brown so far. Before joining the Steelers, he played for the Dallas Cowboys, appearing in 94 games and accumulating 324 tackles and 9 interceptions.

So why is a player with such a track record on a practice squad? Brown suffered an Achilles injury in the 13th week of the previous season and has been in the recovery phase ever since. Many teams had counted him out until the Steelers gave him a call.

As Brown continues his recovery from a significant injury, it seems that having a chip on his shoulder—in ink and in spirit—might be just what he needs.

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