Beautiful Inspirations for Considering a Wedding Ring Tattoo

You may have considered getting a wedding ring tattoo, even if you’ve had it for many years. There are many reasons to get a tattoo of your wedding ring, even if you love your engagement ring.

There are many reasons why wedding ring tattoos can be significant. A wedding ring can be a great way to show your commitment when you cannot wear a ring. Or maybe you’re facing arthritis or other mobility issues that make wearing a ring painful — a wedding ring tattoo could be particularly handy.

It’s not necessary to have a specific reason. You and your partner may want a permanent reminder of your relationship. We can’t get over the wedding ring trend. Want to get on the wedding tattoo train yourself, too? For some inspiration, here are 51 of our favorite wedding ring tattoos.

You can get a tattoo on your wedding band.

couple wearing wedding ring tattoos

Do not feel compelled to replace the precious wedding band and engagement rings. You might want to add some permanent artwork to your favorite piece. Opt for a delicate, dainty style that will highlight your call. The floral stem allows the call above to be the main attraction still.

Infinity symbol: immortalize your love

couple wearing infinity ring finger tattoos

If “To infinity and beyond” is the motto of your marriage, then a tattoo of infinity on your ring finger will help you to cement that phrase in stone. The infinity tattoo is beautiful on its own. But if you wish, you can add matching hand tattoos.

Find out your anniversary date.

woman with wedding date ring finger tattoo

It is a special day in your life. You and your partner have committed for a lifetime. This makes your wedding anniversary an excellent choice for a wedding band tattoo. No matter how you spell the date, the tattoo will be memorable as long as it has meaning.

Double-thin bands are the best choice.

couple wearing double wedding band tattoos

You could certainly get a solid band to represent your wedding ring. If you will have one line around your ring finger, why not make it two? A double line is more realistic than a single line and allows you to add details later.

Both are possible

woman with wedding ring tattoos

If you don’t want to sacrifice your wedding ring for a tattoo or don’t want to cover up your tattoo with a big circle, don’t sweat it — do both. Choose a beautiful tattoo you can wear without any jewelry, then slip your ring onto it for days when you want a little more bling. You’re covered no matter what your mood is.

Wear some crowns

couple wearing crown wedding ring tattoos

You and your spouse are probably the king or princess of each other’s heart (aww); why not capture this sentiment by wearing a crown on your ring fingers? You can choose the design of your crowns. You can decide to make them feminine or masculine or mix and match.

Be sure that they are meaningful.

couple wearing ring finger tattoos

You both must choose a meaningful tattoo. Tattoos do not have to be identical. The tattoos don’t even have to match.

Wear your heart on a finger.

person wearing heart ring finger tattoo

You probably wear your heart on your sleeves regarding your relationship with your partner. So why not do it on your finger as well? It’s a great way to express your love for your partner. A micro-heart tattoo on your ring fingers is a lovely symbol. Whether you do it as an outline or color it in is up to you — the significance will remain.

Together, create an infinity sign with your initials

couple wearing infinity ring finger tattoos

Add your initials or a small heart to the standard infinity symbol if you’re in this boat. Add your initials or tiny hearts to the traditional infinity symbols if you fall into this category.

The smaller versions of each other’s tattoos can be very romantic

couple wearing ring finger tattoos

You may want something special for your partner, but generic symbols aren’t enough. You can swap tattoos if you both have tattoos that are meaningful to you. Get a miniature version of the tattoo of your partner on your ring fingers!

Grab them by the knuckles.

couple wearing ring finger tattoos

If you can’t picture yourself ever parting with your engagement ring, even for a day, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your ring tattoo idea entirely — move it up a bit! You can get matching tattoos that are meaningful to your partner above the knuckles. This will allow your rings to shine still.

Find a symbolic meaning that is meaningful to both of your lives

couple wearing ring finger tattoos

It’s important to know that the purpose of your wedding tattoo does not have to be noticeable. If you want something abstract, you can get a symbol you both love, such as the Viking symbol of “joy” above.

Symbolize your religious system.

couple wearing cross ring finger tattoos

Perhaps you and your partner share a connection that goes beyond yourselves. Why not get a tattoo of a famous symbol from your faith system? This tattoo reminds you of your common belief that brought you together.

Please give it a Double Meaning.

couple wearing wedding ring tattoos

There is no need to limit yourself to one symbol when choosing your wedding band tattoo. Give the tattoo a dual meaning if many things are significant to you both. Put one tattoo outside your knuckle and another inside.

Braided ropes can represent the strength of your bonds

couple wearing wedding ring tattoos

Three-stranded cords are not easily broken. This could also be said of your relationship with a significant other. Get a tattoo on your ring finger of a three-stranded rope to represent the strength of your relationship.

A fleur-de-lis can make you both feel like royalty

couple with fleur de lis ring finger tattoos

If crown tattoos aren’t your thing, why not choose another symbol of royalty? A fleur-de-lis is a well-known symbol of royalty, and we think a mini version looks stunning as a wedding ring tattoo (especially if you’re New Orleans Saints fan since it is also the logo for that NFL team).

Triple bands are simple, stunning, and easy to use

couple wearing triple wedding band tattoo

Many cultures and religions have a special meaning for the number three. You can use the number 3 symbolism even if you don’t like the idea of a three-cord rope. Get a tattoo on your ring finger that has three bands.

The sweetest thing is to have each other’s first initials.

couple wearing ring finger tattoos

You may not want a tattoo in the shape of a ring. Sometimes, you need a reminder. You can get your initials tattooed on each other’s ring fingers to be reminded of them daily.

You can also exchange full names.

couple wearing wedding ring tattoos

Does an initial suffice? You light up every time you see their name — so why not get their full name tattooed on your ring finger? If your partner’s name is long, this might not be a good option, but if it’s short enough to fit, go for it.

Use your initials to create an abstract design.

couple wearing wedding ring tattoos

Do you and your partner want a unique tattoo of a wedding band that no one else has? Combine your initials into an abstract geometric pattern. This tattoo will be unique, and you can have a lot of fun with the design — make it geometric or utilize curvy letters.

Cherry blossoms are a symbol of growth.

couple wearing cherry blossom wedding ring tattoos

Get wedding ring tattoos to symbolize your growth together. A cherry blossom tattoo would be beautiful, although any favorite plant will work.

Use it inside your finger.

couple wearing anniversary date tattoos

You may not want to tattoo the exact spot where your engagement stone is because you’d like to display both. In this case, a tattoo on your finger would be the best option. You can get your anniversary date or a symbol which means a great deal to you both.

Add your initials to the infinity sign and add a heart.

couple wearing wedding ring tattoos

You can change the infinity symbol in countless ways. The wedding ring design, for example, turns the infinity sign into two hearts. You can leave the hearts alone or add your initials for a more meaningful tattoo.

You don’t even have to match.

couple wearing wedding ring tattoos

Want to know a little secret? It’s not necessary to have matching wedding rings tattoos. The tattoos, such as the triangle wedding rings shown above, can be different or have slight variations. Whatever you choose, the tattoo will mean a great deal to you and your partner, and that’s what matters.

Get Mr. & Mrs. tattoos.

woman with mrs. wedding ring tattoo

Changing your title to “Mrs.” when you fill in forms is a great way to show you are married. If this single-to-married title change excites you, let everyone know about your new bond by getting “Mrs.” tattooed on your ring finger.

You can get a large number.

couple with number wedding ring tattoos

Have you seen anyone with a random tattoo on their ring finger? Although you may not have understood the number, it could be essential to them and their partners. If you like this idea, you can get matching tattoos of your age and that of your partner.

A single band can be enough.

couple wearing wedding band tattoos

It’s true: sometimes simple is better. A single-band wedding band tattoo may be a perfect choice if you’re both minimalist and prefer a no-frills look. Make the line as thin or thick as you like — a fine-line ring tattoo would be a lovely and delicate option.

Your wedding band can include their initial

woman wearing wedding band tattoo

You may be obsessed with your engagement band but don’t care much about wedding bands. Maybe you’d like to wear a wedding band and a ring. Why not swap your wedding ring for a new tattoo if that’s you? You can place it under your engagement band. This way, you get the best of both.

Or get your favorite animal.

couple with penguin wedding ring tattoos

If you share the same love of dogs, cats, penguins, or other exotic animals, such as lions and tigers, get matching tattoos to show your affection for your partner. The animal could have a deeper meaning — for example, lions symbolize strength — or it could be an animal you’re particularly fond of.

Color them!

couple with colorful wedding ring tattoos

Are you and your partner both bright, bold people who can’t be captured in a tattoo in black ink? Good news: Color tattoos have become very popular and will work on the ring finger. You can easily create a noticeable wedding ring by adding color to any meaningful tattoo design.

Create a design that is elegant and intricate.

woman with intricate ring finger tattoo

No one said that wedding ring tattoos should be simple. You’re not a fan of a simple tattoo. Not even an initial or heart will do. You can get a wedding ring ink as elaborate and elegant as you like if this describes you.

Consider a design with an offbeat feel.

couple with skull ring finger tattoos

We understand: You want unique tattoos on your wedding rings that reflect your personality. Go for it; we’re on board! Choose a design that reflects your personality, such as the skulls above.

It looks like a real ring.

woman wearing wedding ring tattoo

This tattoo was designed for people who want to wear a wedding ring but cannot do so for any reason. Make your tattoo look like an engagement ring to avoid leaving people in the dark about what it means. Please give it a band of intricate design and the color of your favorite gemstone.

The circle symbolizes your infinite bond.

couple with circle wedding band tattoos

Get a tattoo that represents your never-ending, eternal bond. This sentiment can be captured with a simple circle. You could make it more complex if you wish.

Try to find a small, meaningful symbol.

woman with butterfly ring finger tattoo

News flash: the Y2K Butterfly tattoo trend has returned and is all the rage. You can get a butterfly tattoo to express a simple, beautiful sentiment. But you can also choose a symbol such as a flower or a heart.

Use arrows to show where you wish to go.

couple with arrow ring finger tattoos

Hopefully, you and your partner are headed in the same direction in life — you likely have life goals you want to accomplish together, and you may even be thinking about starting a family soon. You can get arrows inked on your ring finger if you and your partner have a shared goal.

Your favorite Greek symbols

woman with delta finger tattoo

Does a Greek sign have a special meaning for you and your partner? Perhaps you met each in Greek life at college or loved the Greek symbol delta, which symbolizes change. You can get this tattooed on your ring fingers if it speaks volumes to both of you.

Greenery is an earthy option that looks stunning.

couple with leafy branch wedding ring tattoos

If you haven’t noticed, greenery tattoos are a smart option. We wouldn’t be surprised if you or your partner already have a fern design, floral design, leafy branch, or similar tattoo on your arm. Why not try a similar design on your ring?

Wrap it up in a bow

woman with bow wedding ring tattoo

You can get a bow tattoo on your ring finger if you feel your relationship with your partner is the best present you have ever received. The bow can be simple or bold. You could leave it in black or add a splash of your favorite color.

Shine it up

woman wearing metallic wedding ring tattoo

We all enjoy a traditional engagement ring’s glitz, glamor, and sparkle. You can add sparkle to everyday outfits with a wedding band tattoo. You can get a gold, silver, or metallic tattoo on your ring fingers.

Shields represent protection for each other.

couple with shield wedding ring tattoos

You will always have your partner’s back. Tattoos are a way to show that you’re both each other’s confidante and protector. Simple shield tattoos, with the initials of each other in them, can perfectly capture this feeling.

The simple outline of a crown is a sweet sentiment

person with crown ring finger tattoo

You can use a simple method to let your partner know that they are the queen or king of your heart without getting a large, bold tattoo. The design is stunning, but you can also color it.

Anchors can be used to represent the person who is your anchor.

couple with wedding ring tattoos

It would be best to hope your partner would anchor you and stay steady throughout your life together. Get an anchor tattooed on your wedding ring to remind you how they can save you stable in a storm.

The heartbeat tattoo will always keep you close to your loved ones

person with heartbeat tattoo on ring finger

Even if you can only feel their heartbeat, you will be calmed down in difficult situations. Heartbeat tattoos can be a significant way to remind them of your relationship.

Another attractive option is a laurel wreath.

person with laurel wreath wedding ring tattoo

You can also get a tattoo of a laurel ring to make it look like a wedding band without having to wear a call. A laurel ring tattoo could symbolize triumph, reminding you that you and your partner can overcome all obstacles in life together.

Symbolize your love for yourself first.

person with tattoo on inside of ring finger

Only your relationship with yourself can surpass your bond with your partner. Self-love is essential to a healthy relationship, and we sometimes need a gentle reminder. A personal ring finger can be a great reminder.

Disney adults will love Mickey and Minnie Tattoos.

couple with mickey minnie wedding ring tattoos

Are you and your spouse Disney adult fans? You’ve been on a Disney Cruise, take a Disney vacation at least once yearly, and your home’s Disney paraphernalia is entire. You can make your love of Disney and each other permanent by getting Mickey Minnie rings tattoos.

Dots and Stars can be a delicate choice.

person with dots stars ring finger tattoo

If your partner is as essential to you as all the stars combined, you might want a permanent reminder of their astronomical significance in your life. Why not tattoo some stars on your ring fingers and your wedding rings?

Combine two initials into a heart inside a ring outline

person with initials wedding ring tattoo

The next idea works best with naturally curvy letters, such as S or R. Turn the initials into the shape of a heart and place it between two lines to represent a wedding band. This simple, cute sentiment will be unique to you and your partner.

Branches are a symbol of your relationship with one another.

person with tree wedding ring tattoo

Do you and your partner share a deep bond? You’ve grown together and want a tattoo to show your strong bond. If this is you, a tree with roots and branches could symbolize your growing together.

Tie the knot in a literal way.

woman with knot tattoo on ring finger

You and your spouse have just married and are ecstatic. The phrase “tying the knot” may be one of your faves — if that’s the case, get it in permanent ink on your ring finger. It’s an adorable sentiment that lets everyone know how much you love your boyfriend.

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