Bitcoin Adoption Growing Among Guatemalan Merchants One BTC at a Time

Guatemalan merchants are increasingly adopting Bitcoin, and this is happening one tattoo at a time. Yes, that’s right! Tattoos! Customers who use Bitcoin to pay for goods and services in Guatemala are eligible for discounts. In addition, they are advertising their support by getting tattoos with the Bitcoin logo.

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Soul’s Anchor offers free tattoo ideas Source: Piero Coen 

A recent report claims that Bitcoin is gaining popularity in the country, particularly among young people, who view it as an alternative to traditional banking options. Merchants are profiting from the growing trend to offer discounts to people who pay with Bitcoin. This is a great way for merchants to attract new customers and shows support for the growing cryptocurrency community.

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Bitcoin Adoption Growing Among Guatemalan Merchants One BTC at a Time 4

“So we ran a competition among merchants to see who would process the most volume in Bitcoin sales in 2022. Turns out Soul’s Anchor Tattoo Shop in Guatemala City, who started accepting Bitcoin payments using Osmobusiness back in October, won the competition.”

One tattoo artist who is also a Bitcoin enthusiast is offering a 10% discount to customers who use Bitcoin. He believes Bitcoin can change the financial market and wants to help spread the word about it. Similar discounts are being offered by other merchants like barbers and clothing shops.

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Bitcoin Adoption Growing Among Guatemalan Merchants One BTC at a Time 5

“The first months we had only one customer, and even though it’s still a few percentages of our income, probably 1%, we are happy to have started accepting it.”

Bitcoin supporters see tattoos as a symbol of solidarity and a way to regain control over their finances. The tattoos are a sign that they believe in cryptocurrency’s potential to transform the world.

“We found the tattoo idea very cute. It is a company that wants to reward its shopkeeper who has received the most Bitcoin transactions by promoting its business.”

Bitcoin is becoming more popular in Guatemala. This is a positive sign that cryptocurrency is on the rise and that more merchants will adopt it over the next few years.

Conclusion: The adoption of Bitcoin is increasing among Guatemalan merchants. It is also happening in a unique, creative way. Merchants support the cryptocurrency by offering discounts for customers who pay with Bitcoin or get tattoos featuring the Bitcoin logo. The future of Bitcoin is bright in Guatemala and it’s an exciting time to be a member of the cryptocurrency group.

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