Breaking Ground with Wolverhampton’s First Ukraine-based Tattoo Studio

Wolverhampton’s city center will host the first Vean Tattoo Studio in the UK.

Vean Tattoo plans to open in the former The Quarter arts space on School Street, in the city’s heart.

Wolverhampton Council is considering the plan, and a statement that accompanies it states: “Vean Tattoo has more than 100 tattoo studios in Europe, with ten different countries.

Vean Tattoo is a Ukrainian tattoo artist that has expanded into the UK. The shop on School Street Wolverhampton will be their first UK-based Tattoo Shop.

The report adds that Wolverhampton’s city center is increasing, with commercial and residential development nearby.

The development is expected to increase the number of independent shops in the center.

“It’s considered that the proposed construction remains within the scale of the existing building.”

“Access arrangements will remain unchanged, and the proposed building won’t impact areas of the landscape surrounding the site.”

“The proposed design is entirely in keeping with character and appearances of nearby properties.”

“The proposal will be sympathetic to the existing architecture and will strive to use materials that match existing in all aspects.

The proposed works will not have a significant impact on the appearance of the building.

We, therefore, believe that the council will support this application.

The Quarter took over the shop that was Adele Louise Bridal Ltd. The store will be open from Monday to Saturday, 11 am to 8 pm. It has six full-time employees.

Vean Tattoo, founded in 2011, is the “largest network of tattoo parlors around the globe.” Vean Tattoo has shops in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Spain, Austria, and Slovakia.

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