Jungkook responds to criticism of his many tattoos

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Journalists are reporting Jungkook’s response to his tattoos.

As seen previously, the BTS member confronted his discussion with fans about his tattoos, including the cover-up of his ‘eye’ and the ‘ARMY’ lettering. Media outlets recently highlighted Jungkook’s direct response to the netizens’ questions and suggestions regarding removing his tattoos.

Jungkook spoke during the live stream:

“Removing them hurts. I don’t like pain. They are painful to remove and it can take quite a while. It’s understandable why people would want them removed, but really? It’s something I have always wanted. They are there because they’re important to me. If I remove them, that means I am denying my past self. The past self I was also called me. They shouldn’t be removed, but I think it is the right thing for me.

He said that he was still open to the possibility of removing them at any time. If not, he doesn’t think so. “it’s necessary.” 


Online, netizens reacted:

“I think you might regret it one day, but he did get them because he wanted them. I don’t think any other person should tell him to take them out. It’s his style.

“It is not an ethical issue. It’s my opinion that it’s no one’s business to tell other people what they should do. This is unnecessarily a violation of boundaries.

“Jungkook is free to do what he likes”

“I think the problem is that the people who worry about young people getting tattoos because of him see the fans as crazily obsessed or something. Jungkook is no exception. Everyone makes decisions based on their ideas. Jungkook is entitled to his opinions. Why are even the non-fans talking about this and making a fuss…”

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