Cambs Woman’s Transformation Journey: Overcoming a Horrible Past to Thrive

After a surgical process that went badly improper, Cindy Muhidin was left with a ‘horrible’ scar throughout her abdomen. She says it deeply affected her shallowness – but additionally impressed her to assist different individuals left with scars they did not like.

Cindy, 36, has been working in tattoo outlets since 2010. After her expertise with a scar that made her self-conscious, she started to look into medical tattoos and scar cover-ups.

Now, she uses her abilities as a tattoo artist in Littleport to assist individuals in feeling higher about their bodies. She creates tattoos to cover scars from self-harm or different accidents and spice up the arrogance of ladies recovering from most breast cancers.

“It is a bit like a remedy for them as nicely,” Cindy says. “Listening to their tales is simply so attention-grabbing.”

The individuals sitting in her tattoo chair usually have a relatively tough time. For girls with breast cancers, Cindy can tattoo both biologically correct nipples and areolae on their reconstructed breasts or give them a wholly new design.

Cindy Muhidin is a tattoo artist who does medical tattoos
Cindy Muhidin is a tattoo artist who does medical tattoos(Picture: Cindy Muhidin)

“I’ve discovered this 12 months extra of my clients have requested ornamental tattoos over their mastectomy scars,” she says. She describes one older girl who had by no means had a tattoo earlier than in her life – however, she now has a sunflower and poppy design on her breast after having a mastectomy.

She did not simply decide on a tattoo gun sooner or later with the moment skill to do these sorts of tattoos. To get the talents she wanted, Cindy took several programs to assist her in perceiving how to work on scar tissue and how to use color concepts to verify tattoos look reasonable and stand out on totally different pores and skin tones.

“It is simply having a variety of persistence with it,” she says. “It is a bit like driving an automobile – it comes with expertise.”

The ache can range, too – whereas some individuals lose sensitivity to the place they’ve had surgical procedures, others would possibly discover their scar tissue may be very delicate. This implies that Cindy has to verify her purchasers are utterly comfy throughout the many periods it takes for her tattoo to be completed.

She usually works with another tattoo artist, Sarah, who does black linework that Cindy then works around with her watercolor type.

Cindy says her work transforms individuals’ lives, making them more assured and happy about their bodies. “I simply discover it so rewarding,” she says.

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