Chelsea star sleeps through a five-hour tattoo leaving the artist talking to himself

Millie Bright, Chelsea footie star, was blamed for working hard on the footage. She reveals that she fell asleep during a five-hour tattooing session.

Dan Rossetter posted a video online that showed Chelsea’s player relaxing during her session as a tattooist.

The viral clip shows the 29-year-old footballer falling asleep on the tattooing bed, in a state of complete relaxation, as Dan inks a large A4-sized owl onto the upper arm of her A Star Tattoos in Chessington.

Dan asserts that the defender fell asleep at the end of the session. She woke up every so often to tell Dan that her lethargy was due to the football.

Millie was even forced to get up several times by the artist to wake her from her sleep and ask her to change positions to reach different parts of her arms.

Millie Bright fell asleep when getting her latest tattoo(Image: Kennedy News & Media)

Dan, who has tattooed Millie five different times to date, believes that Millie felt relaxed” due to the trust they have built and that they had a great laugh about it afterward.

Dan stated: “At the beginning of the session, we were having a conversation, catchup since I last saw her – she was telling us about the football and bits.

“I was about to resume the conversation when I noticed I wasn’t getting any response. I looked down and saw that she had fallen asleep.

“I was very surprised. It was quite funny. My reaction must have been funny.

“She’d get up and tell me, “Sorry about that. It must have been the football.”

“I just let her go to it. “She’s happy enough, she’s sleeping,” I thought.

“I had to alter the position she was lying at times, so I had her stop chilling out.

“I believe it’s because she’s my fifth tattoo, that she’s so relaxed now. She’s so simple.

“The trust has been built over the years.

“I believe it was her, and I haven’t had that experience with her.” [before]It just made it a little more fun.

Bright’s most recent tattoo design (Image: Kennedy News & Media)

“We had more fun than anything having a good time.”

Dan uploaded a clip from the stargazing celeb to TikTok. It received more than 70,000 comments, likes, and shares.

Millie Bright joined in the fun by commenting on the video, “I’m bringing my pillow and blanket next week – arm’s progressing nicely!”

Other TikTok users shared similar experiences, however.

One user stated, “I fell asleep after having mine done. It was the most relaxing thing I have ever done.

Another one said, “I did this.” [during] My shoulder tattoo was so painful that the artist thought it was a fainting spell.

A third joked, “My Fitbit registered the last tattoo I got as a two-hour sleep.”

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