Cherry Bomb Tattoo set to reopen in new destination location

Things have started to come full circle for the tattooing nomad known at Kerry Rossi, commonly referred to as “KR.”

Rossi spent the last two decades traveling the globe sharing his art with many prominent cities and locales. Rossi’s favorite locations include Hawaii, Japan, and Las Vegas. But Rossi now says he wants to return to his hometown and spend more time with his family.

Rossi stated, “It is very much a carny life style.” “But I’m growing older, and it would be nice for me to be here for Mom and re-establish myself within the community.”

Rossi’s mother, Rosalie, was single until she met Tom Inderbitzen (a prominent rice farmer in Yuba County). Rossi attributes Inderbitzen’s instilling a strong work ethic that ultimately led him to success.

Rossi laughed, “He had us driving around on any kind of wheels,” “It was how I discovered I wanted to be tattooer.

Rossi is now known as the “founding father” of the local tattoo scene. This was something Rossi began to experiment with in sixth grade. He would use it as a source of inspiration as well as refuge. Rossi developed his sense of shading, linework, and lettering through a brief stint in sign and automotive painting.

Rossi explained that Rossi was not an artist growing up. “Coming from this region back then, there were soccer, baseball and football but there wasn’t really anything that could massage my creative mind that i knew of.”

WyoTech, Wyoming. He soon found himself in Colorado as a tattoo artist. The rest is history.

Rodney Herrera, the owner of Elegant Arts Tattoo Parlor, Marysville, stated that they don’t make them anymore as Kerry. “He is a piercer who has become a tatooer. He had his work featured in magazines which helped place the industry on the map.

Rossi opened his first shop in 1982. There were only three other shops nearby and few options for body-piercing. His unique style and talent in piercing helped him to fill a niche within the community during a time where tattoos were still considered taboo.

Rossi, over his entire career, has owned and operated several bars and tattoo shops in Yuba as well as Sutter counties. Broken Heart Tattoo and Horseshoes and Hand Grenades are his most prominent and longest-standing shops. Rossi indicated that while Marysville’s Artistic Temple Social Club was his home for some time, he is ready to open his own shop.

Rossi said, “I like having my space and being my boss.” “It’s great to have the blessings of other local artists and to continue sharing the love and wealth with one another.”

Cherry Bomb Tattoo, established in 2000 and reopened in January at a new “destination” location at 431 Del Norte Ave., Yuba City. The new shop will offer piercings, tattoos, and private sessions in a private setting. Rossi’s signature style is a blend of American and neotraditional work, with a preference to bold lines, color and geometrics. Rossi plans to make use of his extensive connections to sponsor artists who are traveling and reaffirm his roots in the local community.

Rossi said, “I like being busy. That’s when my brain functions best.” “I would love to take part in backpack drives, toys drives and other things like that to support and give back this area.”

For more information, and to stay up to date on opening specifics, visit the shop’s website at, call 530-441-3711, or email [email protected].

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