Christian Nodal Considers Removing His Face Tattoos: The Reason Behind His Decision

Christian Nodal is removing all of his face tattoos. The artist has explained why he is doing so and says that it’s not about fan reaction.

Univision's 35th Premio Lo Nuestro
©GettyImages Cazzu and Nodal at the 35th annual Premios Lo Nuestro

Nodal told a Colombian station that he was removing his facial tattoos for his daughter in an interview. It is also the first reveal of the gender of the couple. “I’m gonna open a ‘tattoo shop’ in Los Angeles very soon. I want my daughter to meet me… I want her to see my face without them,” he said in Spanish, per Telemundo.

Nodal, who typically keeps most information under wraps, revealed that the news was shared with him while they were both in Japan. He also said that he was living through has been “the most beautiful moment” of his life.

Nodal and Cazzu revealed their pregnancy in separate concerts. Cazzu announced the news by showing her growing belly at one of her performances. “Don’t you think I’m singing better?” she asked the audience of Buenos Aires. “It’s just that I feel that there are two of us singing now, like something is happening. I pee more often now, but hey.”

Nodal, for his part, thanked the audience for their support.“For all those fans who are always there for me and supporting me, I have some news,” ”e said in Spanish. “I’m I’mo longer a papacito. Now Is father.”

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