Christian Nodal Sparks Rumors by Considering the Removal of His Face Tattoos

Christian Nodal has admittedly been a slender man. “addicted” to tattoos — with some fans estimating the singer There are around 30 in total.

The Mexican singer, 24, loves getting tattooed even though some of his listener’s Many people have been surprised by his facial tattoos. The “Botella tras Botella star is indeed a tattoo artist. You can find out more about it by clicking here. For a good face tattoo, include a moneybag design on his forehead and an “X” on his cheekbone. Also, a rose is placed under his eye.

The singer’s face tattoos are all significant. For instance, the moneybag represents his E.P. “Forajido,” inspired by Mexican revolutionary Pancho Ville. On the other hand, all his closest friends got the identical “X,” symbolizing friendship.

The “Aquí Abajo” star once shared that his face tattoos make him feel more like himself. Nodal may remove the tattoos for good.

Christian Nodal revealed that he could remove his facial tattoos for an adorable reason.

The Sonorense sat down with “Lo Sé Todo Colombia,” sharing a few surprising details about his plans. As you can see, one of the most important things to consider is his plans. In the interview video, Nodal intends to open a tattoo studio, iL.A.A. We can see you as a cool Dad!

His following statement was much more enticing.

Nodal’s girlfriend, Argentine singer Cazzu is expecting a child. He spoke of his excitement at the impending arrival of the baby. “I will open a tattoo parlor in Los Angeles, but I’d like my daughter to meet my son,” he told the outlet. [natural] face.”

Nodal’s tattoos were removed to surprise fans, but he may have also accidentally revealed the gender of his child. Previously, the couple kept the news under wraps. However, in the video, Nodal clearly says “daughter.”

He retracted his statement and said, “We don’t yet know.” You can now click on the button below to proceed. — but what did he mean by wanting his baby to “meet his real face”?

According to Univision, the singer later said in his press conference in Bogotá that he is ready to end this “era” and start fresh.

He said: “That time in my career is over.” “I always do the things I want to, from my heart.” [tattoo my face] At that moment. You can remove tattoos, thank God. “There’s a cure for everything but death.”

Nodal’s face tattoos are deeply symbolic.

Each of Nodal’s face tattoos contains a profound symbolism.

Mina Barnett designed Nodal’s tattoo, a line of red triangles running across his cheeks and nose. The “X” on his face and the moneybag are symbolic. The artist said the design is a Comcaac tradition that symbolizes protection for warriors.

Meanwhile, some of the singer’s fans can theorize each side of the tattoo has a hidden meaning. The left side of the tattoos on his face represents his “spiritual,” which includes flowers. Meanwhile, the right side is more about his values — such as love and friendship:

Nodal did not flinch when he called them an essential element of this “era” (period).

In an exclusive interview with Life and Style magazine, he admitted that he struggled to get the tattoos. Oliver Venegas was his friend and a tattoo artist. He told the outlet that Oliver “refused to tattoo Nodal” initially.

They told me to wait until my next album was released before getting any visible tattoos. [wanted me] The singer revealed that he had repressed his personality.

The Mexican singer, who got tattoos to feel like “himself,” also saw the act as a political statement. You can also find out more about the following: Artistic Statement.

They wanted me to be the regional Mexican singer everyone expects, and they let me. [be me].”

Do you like Christian Nodal’s tattoos more now? No matter anyone else’s opinions on them, it seems like he’s over that time in his life — and very much in with the new.

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