Collingwood Fan’s Hilarious Tattoo Mishap After Grand Final Triumph


A devoted Collingwood fan made a spontaneous and permanent tribute to celebrate the Pies’ triumphant 2023 premiership victory. However, in the heat of the moment and perhaps fueled by post-grand final euphoria, a crucial error occurred during the tattooing process, turning this celebration into a hilariously memorable mishap.

The Magpie Army was on cloud nine following Craig McRae’s team’s nail-biting victory over the Brisbane Lions in a thrilling showdown at the sun-soaked MCG. With over 100,000 passionate supporters, the party extended well beyond the final siren as fans flocked to glimpse Darcy Moore’s squad proudly parading the coveted premiership cup.

A Collingwood fan got a horrendous tattoo following the Pies' grand final win
A Collingwood fan got a horrendous tattoo following the Pies’ grand final win.
The Magpie Army are in dreamland following their four-point victory over Brisbane
The Magpie Army are in dreamland following their four-point victory over Brisbane.

Amid this sea of jubilation, one Collingwood supporter seized the opportunity to etch what would later be called “the most Collingwood tattoo ever” onto his skin. A clip of this audacious act quickly went viral, showcasing a friend’s unconventional tattooing skills after indulging in what he humorously claimed were “10 cans deep.”

The video, shared widely on TikTok, captures the enthusiastic fan getting a fresh tattoo on his left arm, with a fellow Pies supporter assuming the role of a tattoo artist. As the impromptu ink session progresses, the mate proudly declares, “I think I did good for ten cans deep, aye,” as he wraps up the unique artwork.

However, the humor lies in the fine print—or the numbers. Upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that a significant mistake was made during the tattooing process. Instead of immortalizing the Pies’ victorious 2023 season with ‘Flagpies 2023,’ the tattoo proudly displays ‘Flagpies 2020.’

A friend in the background astutely points out the glaring error, leading to a hilarious exchange between the inked Collingwood fan and his tattoo artist friend. With a bemused expression, the fan inquires, “You did a zero instead of a three?” This prompts uncontrollable laughter from the friend, who appears to revel in the comical twist of fate.

While this tattoo mishap will undoubtedly be a topic of laughter and camaraderie among fellow Collingwood supporters, it is a testament to fans’ passion and unwavering dedication to their beloved teams, even when it results in an unforgettable and amusing blunder.

In other news, Channel 7 has revealed that this year’s grand final drew the second-largest television audience, with a staggering 4.98 million Australians tuning in to watch the thrilling contest. An additional 756,000 viewers streamed the game on 7plus. This impressive viewership solidified the grand final’s position as the most-watched TV program of the year, excluding the Women’s World Cup.

Fans turned out in their droves for the Collingwood Fan Day on Sunday afternoon
Fans turned out in their droves for the Collingwood Fan Day on Sunday afternoon.

Seven’s head of sport, Lewis Martin, acknowledged the immense impact of passionate fans, stating, “It’s the passion of the fans that elevates footy from being a sport to a unique spectacle that unites the nation.” He emphasized that the AFL holds a special place in Australia’s sporting landscape and praised Seven’s comprehensive coverage for showcasing the entertainment and exceptional competition of the AFL.

While the Collingwood fan’s tattoo mishap provided a lighthearted moment in the aftermath of the grand final, fans’ enduring enthusiasm and the thrilling moments on the field continue to make Australian Rules Football a cherished and unifying tradition.

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