Couple’s ‘how it started vs how it is going’ tale involving tattoos

The ‘how it started vs how it is going’ post involving tattoos has prompted people on Twitter to share various comments.

People often share different posts under the viral ‘how it started vs how it is going’ trend. There are many kinds, from touching to heartwarming to funny. There is another inclusion to that list and it is a tweet that shows a couple’s relationship journey.

A Twitter user, who goes by ‘The Affan’, shared the post on his personal handle. As the tweet’s caption, he only mentioned the trend’s name and posted two images. One of the images shows a WhatsApp Conversation between him and his partner during their first days together. After a few years, the other shows them tattoos that were inspired by their conversation.

The man replied to his post and added details about their relationship. “BTW… the tattoo was @Seirut’s idea. They were all teen boy-love ideas. I’m too ashamed to even mention them here,” he wrote. It didn’t take long for the post to go viral. While most called it “cute”, a few shared their apprehensions. It was Twitter A user also shared a post that addressed this issue. “This blew up the most in the few hours I slept… Many thanks to all those who sent good wishes. And to all the ones asking ‘what if you break up?’ Try to live in the moment, you might find something worthwhile and not self-sabotage it with negative thoughts,” he added. He then posted an update to inform the netizens that they were now married. “P.S: We’ve been married for almost 3 years now,” he explained.

Have a look at these tweets:

Look at his tweet about who it was that inked the tattoos and how he feels about the post going viral.

Here’s another update:

The main tweet has had more than 3.7k views since it was shared and these numbers continue to grow. In addition, 6,100 people have liked the post. The post was reacted to by many people who left comments.

Here’s how Twitter users reacted:

“You guys are the cutesttttt. I’m fannn,” expressed a Twitter user. “Aww, this is so cute and wholesome,” commented another. “Love love this,” posted a third. “Wish you happy togetherness and lots of love,” shared a fourth. “This is sooooo cool. Made me so happy seeing this,” wrote a fifth.

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