David Bromstad Tattoos: Unveiling the Meaning Behind His Inked Art

David Reed Bromstad American designer and TV personality was born on August 17, 1973. He won the inaugural season of HGTV Design Star 2006 He also hosted his television show called “Color Splash with David Bromstad” which debuted in March 2007 on HGTV. He also hosts HGTV’s My Lottery Dream Home, in which he helps lottery winners find their dream real estate property. Bromstad’s mother is of Swedish and German descent and his father is of Norwegian descent.

David Bromstad is also well-known for his tattoos. He has some incredible inks all over his body. David doesn’t have a specific style of tattoo. Each one has a unique meaning to David.

It wasn’t easy for him to get tattoos when he was young. David grew up in a conservative, Christian family in the Midwest and his parents wouldn’t allow him to get tattoos. He got his first tattoo, a dragonfly tattoo, right after college. David and his sister later started Dragonfly Designs. The dragonfly tattoo was very special to them.

Stories and Meanings behind David Bromstad’s Tattoos

Disney Cinderella Castle Tattoo

David was a huge Disney fan from the time he was young. David decided to become a Disney animator while he was in high school. David completed High School and attended Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota. It is a school that was known for its ability to help students get started in their Disney careers. Later, David worked as an illustrator at Disney.

Cortni West, Cortni West’s favorite tattoo artist, recently tattooed the Disney Icon Cinderella Castle onto his thigh. Cortni is also a big Disney fan. On his Instagram feed, David said “A princess has finally found her castle. My thigh has never looked so beautiful. I am so happy with the results @misswildwest achieved. She has amazing talents. I can trust no one more to care for my skin.

David Bromstad Tattoos Disney Cinderella Castle


David go another amazing tattoo on his right leg by Cortni West that says “LOVE”. These letters are vibrant and colorful, and they look almost like part of a retro neon sign.

David Bromstad Tattoos: Unveiling the Meaning Behind His Inked Art 19


David got the rainbow flag, also known as the gay pride flag or LGBT pride flag tattooed on his leg like a band around the “LOVE” Tattoo. Regarding this tattoo, David posted on his Instagram “My tattoo addiction shines brightly with a rainbow full of delicious colors. It represents so much to me. The gay flag, my love for color, my first tv series, color splash, freedom and it’s just plain happy. I urge all of you to embrace who you are. I am a weird, colorful, artistic weirdo. I love it. There’s more!“. It explains the meaning of this tattoo.

David Bromstad Tattoos Rainbow

David Bromstad’s Forearm Tattoo 

David was inked with a gorgeous Chandelier tattoo on the right side of his forearm. The Chandelier looks like it is from one of the Disney castles.

David Bromstad Tattoos forearm

Mickey Mouse Tattoos

David loves Mickey Mouse. He loves Mickey Mouse and his tattoos of Mickey Mouse are his most joyful. The full sleeves of his right arm feature several tattoos of Mickey Mouse.

David Bromstad Tattoos Mickey Mouse 01 finished David Bromstad Tattoos Mickey Mouse 02 finished David Bromstad Tattoos Mickey Mouse 03 Finished

Minnie Mouse Tattoo

David had a Minnie Mouse tattoo placed on his right biceps. 

David Bromstad Tattoos Minnie Mouse

Lion Tattoo

David’s zodiac sign is Leo. He got a tattoo of a lion on his left leg.

David Bromstad Tattoos Lion

David Bromstad’s Chest Tattoos


The tattoo on his chest says “Limited Edition.” When he first inked that tattoo, he only had the words, but later he added a gorgeous design by adding a heart in the middle with a crown and two swallows. He called it tasteless and shameless for shaming himself.

David Bromstad Tattoos Chest limited edition
David Bromstad Tattoos: Unveiling the Meaning Behind His Inked Art 20

1973 est.

David had his birth year tattooed under his Sternum. 1973 est.

David Bromstad’s Hand Tattoo

David’s beautiful hand tattoo says “Artist” where the “T”s look like the cross.

David Bromstad Tattoos hand artist
David Bromstad Tattoos: Unveiling the Meaning Behind His Inked Art 21

Tribal Tattoos

David was inked with two tribal tattoos. The one on his left arm is the tribal tattoo, while the other is on his chest. His arm tattoo of the Tribal is made with three Chinese characters. They signify artists and painters.  

David Bromstad Tattoos Tribal
David Bromstad Tattoos: Unveiling the Meaning Behind His Inked Art 22

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