Dominik Mysterio’s Tribute Tattoos Artistic Expressions of Brotherhood

Dominik Mysterio, an incredible performer in the WWE ring and a connoisseur of meaningful design, recently unveiled some remarkable tattoos inspired by his alliance with Judgment Day. In a WWE tattoo web series episode, Dominik revealed that not only does he share multiple matching tattoos with fellow Judgment Day members, but one of these artistic masterpieces was designed by the talented Rhea Ripley herself.

The story behind these tattoos goes beyond ink on the skin. Dominik passionately described the significance of these inked expressions:

“I’ve gotten a couple with the Judgment Day crew that are pretty special. Like this one, we did that one in Puerto Rico, Judgment Day, with a little bone and Puerto Rico. All of us, Rhea, Damian, and myself, Finn. I think Finn had already gone to bed. But we all wanted to get something because it was an extraordinary night, for I feel like, for all of us.”

The memories etched in ink are not just about artistry but about commemorating a unique moment in time:

“Last time I was in Puerto Rico before Backlash, I opened a live event with Jinder Mahal, and I remember where I did something where I messed up—so going back this time for SmackDown on Friday, being the main event with Rhea at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico. And then that following night, Damian had the match of the night against Bad Bunny; it was something genuinely special. And I feel like we had to remember that moment forever, so we went ahead and got this done.”

What makes one of these tattoos exceptional is not just its visual appeal but the fact that Rhea Ripley herself lent her artistic skills to its creation:

“I have a scale tattooed on me right here for Judgment Day. This one is even more special because it is a scale, and Rhea drew it. She drew it, and the tattoo artist just tattooed it on us. So, like, this is special too, just to be able to have that, the crew’s always with me.”

This alliance and their symbolic tattoos are more than body art; they represent a profound bond among these incredible WWE superstars. Dominik’s journey with Judgment Day took an exciting turn as he reclaimed his NXT North American Championship, and it seems that his artistic expressions are a testament to the deep camaraderie within the group.

The world of WWE is not just about high-flying maneuvers and powerful slams; it’s also about creating memories, cherishing friendships, and immortalizing them through the artistry of tattoos. Dominik Mysterio and his fellow Judgment Day members exemplify how body art can be more than just ink—it can symbolize unity and brotherhood in professional wrestling.

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