El Salvador Star’s Lionel Messi Dream: Autographing Legs and Pre-Game Thrills

In the much-anticipated return to action after a 63-day hiatus, Inter Miami is set to face off against the El Salvador national team in a pre-season friendly. All eyes are on the possibility of witnessing the dynamic duo Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez taking the field together for this close encounter. However, the pre-game buzz extends beyond the star-studded lineup, thanks to an extraordinary Messi devotee from El Salvador.

Alejandro Henriquez, a prominent Messi idolizer, has fueled excitement by his sincere wish to see his idol autograph his leg during the upcoming clash with Inter Miami. In a recent interview, Henriquez shared the origin of his devotion, saying, “I have admired Messi since I was a kid. He is my idol. So when he won the World Cup with Argentina, and it was said that it could be his last World Cup, I got excited. Without thinking much about it, I decided to get it tattooed.”

Now, the 21-year-old Henriquez is gearing up for another extraordinary feat, hoping Messi could lend a hand. Despite uncertainties about his call-up to the El Salvador team for the Miami match, Henriquez is determined to be there. “I don’t know how I will do it, but I will be at that game. Even if, in the end, I have to borrow to get a ticket,” Henriquez emphasized. “I will show him my tattoo, and I hope he can autograph my leg to turn it into a tattoo,” he added, revealing his Lionel Messi dream.


While Henriquez risks missing this dream opportunity due to potential exclusion from the El Salvador team, his determination shines through. Whether as a player or a fan in the stadium, he aims to make Messi aware of his profound admiration through this unique request.

However, the uncertainty also extends to Messi’s presence on the field. During an MLS Media Day interview, Inter Miami coach Tata Martino remained cautious about confirming the availability of Lionel Messi and other veteran players for the El Salvador match. The Miami camp is evaluating the physical preparedness of players for the challenge, leaving the door open for potential rest for the eight-time Ballon d’Or winner ahead of crucial upcoming matches.

While the official roster for the pre-season campaign is yet to be announced, the possibility of Messi’s participation remains uncertain. As fans eagerly await updates, Alejandro Henriquez and countless others hold their breath, hoping to witness the return of La Pulga to action and, for Henriquez, the realization of his biggest dream – a Messi autograph on his leg.

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