EMALLA ELIOT cartridge needle, the best choice for professional tattoo artists!


EMALLA is one of the biggest tattoo equipment brands in China. The concept of the EMALLA brand is to “MAKE TATTOOING SAFE”, they put their soul into the brand. 

EMALLA brand tattoo products lead the industry in design and top-end-quality, they are dedicated to offering premium products and customer service. EMALLA is a prominent market leader in innovation, for years, the EMALLA brand team has been working in tandem with tattoo artists of all styles, developing and improving continuously to advance the quality and safety of tattooing. They truly help tattoo artists perform at their highest potential and create the greatest tattoo masterpieces. That is why its products are so well-liked and used around the globe.

EMALLA ELIOT cartridge needle, the best choice for professional tattoo artists! 4


Let’s take a look at some features of EMALLA ELIOT TATTOO CARTRIDGE NEEDLES:

HIGH QUALITY – Made of 316L Japanese stainless steel and medical-grade PC plastic. Transparent body to easy easier to observe the needle striking, needle bar design is more advanced, letting the tattoo needle contact skin without dead spaces.

NEEDLE STEADY – High-quality silicone gel replaces the iron spring, keeping the needle elastic. Square-designed plastic bars fix needles stably and make the needle more stable when you are lining.

SAFETY COMPATIBLE – The cartridge needles are compatible with various kinds of rotary machines/pen-style machines/coil machines. Safety membrane inside cartridges system, that stops ink from passing through to the tube or machine.

EASY TO USE – The tattoo needle cartridges allow tattoo artists to set up tattoo needles and switch needle configurations very quickly during the tattooing process. Low profile housing & better ink flow & shape on the inside.

PACKAGE and SIZE – Each box of 20Pcs. Individually packed and Pre-sterilized. E.O. sterilized and packaged in a blister pack.

EMALLA ELIOT cartridge needle, the best choice for professional tattoo artists! 5

The EMALLA ELIOT cartridges with a soft thickened membrane inside. Perfect soldering for the needles picked up one by one to ensure quality, Special cartridge system design to avoid the ink back flowing, Soft silicone material for the membrane makes the cartridges work more smoothly, and the shining blue tip is easy to clean while selecting other inks. Perfect tension performance while tattooing. Better for lining and shading even challenging fine line works that will bring all the professional artists more surprises.


“The cartridges have great precision and flow, making it much easier to build lines, textures and blocks… homogeneous applications without causing skin damage!” Fabricio said. (Instagram@rizztattoo)

”Tested and Approved, the best technology and safety in tattoo cartridges.“ Leleh Amaral said. (Instagram@leleh_amaral)

I get a lot of questions about the needles that I’m working with and here’s your answer: my favorite EMALLA Eliot Cartridges. Usually I’m very skeptical about sponsored stuff, but this product I can definitely recommend this with a clear conscience. Those cartridges are safe, solid, and practical. As a fan of thin and fine lines, I always struggled to find a perfect sharp needle for my style of work but now they are finally here: my favorite 3 RL (0,25) and 7 RL (0,30) , Give it a try!” Magdalena said.(Instagram @moonlit_tattooist )


EMALLA ELIOT cartridge needle, the best choice for professional tattoo artists! 6

To become a professional tattoo artist, you must be able to choose the best tattoo needles for every job you will be doing. The tattoo needle is the tattoo artist’s paintbrush. Choose the right tattoo needle and you’ll make the best art. If you are an experienced and professional tattoo artist and want to try better quality cartridges to guarantee the best creation, the EMALLA ELIOT cartridge needle will be your best choice!

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