Explore the Vibrant World of Tattoos at TT Tattoo Fest 2023

Over 300 tattoos were done over the weekend at the TT Tattoo Fest. - Grevic Alvarado
The TT Tattoo Fest saw over 300 tattoos done. – Grevic Alvarado


At the Centre of Excellence Macoya, more than 80 artists representing different countries took part in the Trinidad and Tobago Tattoo Fest.

After a three-year absence due to covid19, the festival returns to show the best talents in the tattoo industry.

Liseth Mitchell, her store Wai Active TT and their Colombian products are available during the festival – Grevic Alvarado.

On June 3 and 4, more than 300 tattoos were done.

Dominic Jaglal told Newsday, after the award ceremony, that it had been a fantastic weekend.

Jaglal claimed that everything went according to plan and exceeded expectations.

JSimon tattoos a kitten on Ravi Paasad’s hand during the TT Tattoo Fest. – Grevic Alvarado

“I must admit that the return of TT Tattoo Fest was a great success. The organization was excellent. “I thank all those who worked together to ensure that the art and business of tattooing in TT showed its growth once again.”

Jaglal stated that visitors were surprised and delighted by what they saw.

“We are fortunate to have such talented artists in our midst. Those who attended the Festival on Saturday and Sunday can appreciate this.” Sponsors have played a significant role in this. Thank you to everyone for your support.”

Freidel Velasquez won the Tattoo Fest with his realistic tattoo Angello Villarroel. – Grevic Alvarado

Jaglal said it was a great experience to demonstrate TT’s high-level organization and artistry.

“It’s not about making money. It’s about showing off the talent of our local artists and tattoo artists from other countries.” “Tattooing is a growing art; we will continue supporting it.”

Kerwin Figaro displayed his talent and was crowned the best tattooist of Sunday’s TT Tattoo Festival. – Grevic Alvarado

This year artists from Venezuela, Cuba, St Lucia, Barbados, St Vincent, Curaçao, the UK, the US and many local artists participated.

The festival provided an opportunity for many other businesses.

It was a wonderful experience. Jaglal stated that they hope to be back next year with new surprises.

Samantha Joseph exhibited a part of her artwork at the TT Tattoo Fest over the weekend. – Grevic Alvarado


Black and Gray Small

1 – Brian Tattoo

2 – Byron Tattoo

3 – SG Tattoo Studio

Best Colour Small

1– Body Art & Soul Tattoo

2 – Studio Fx

3 – 868 Inked Up Tattoo

Best Script

1 – Legendary Inkerz

2 – Byron Tattoo

3 – Trini Ink Tattoos

Most Original Design

Ink Concepts Tattoo Studios

Most improved Artist


Black and Gray Large

1 – Warao Ink (Krip)

2 – Body Art Caribbean

3 – Shadow Inks

Tattoo of the Day

Kerwin Figaro

The Best Greek Tattoo

AJ Tattoo Studios

Inked N Proud Choice Awards

Warao ink (Friedel Tattoo).

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