Exploring Kaia Gerber’s Personal Artistry Through Tattoos

Kaia Gerber is known for her fine-line tattoos. We’ve rounded up almost 20 pieces of her inspired tattoos. (Photo by Lionel Hahn/Getty Images)

In Hollywood, celebrities often prefer tattoos to express themselves. They are an extension of personal style and the ultimate accessory.

Ink can have the same effect as fashion trends. Certain styles or silhouettes become more popular after they are etched onto their bodies.

Kaia Gerber embodies that. Her fine-lined tattoo collection inspires us to add refined artwork to our bodies.

Unlike some stars who take a conspicuous approach to their ink, looking at you, Ben Affleck and your ‘Phoenix Rising’ back tattoo, Gerber operates under a ‘less is more’ approach, with her ten-plus collection of tattoos dainty, understated and rarely seen.

Gerber, who debuted her first tattoo as a cursive image hidden inside her arm spelling her middle name, Jordan, has since enhanced her features with small pieces inspired by art and has even got matching tattoos to her fellow supermodels.

If you are looking for inspiration for your next body art or just curious about the illustrations and phrases Gerber immortalized through her tattoos, scroll down to GRAZIA’s ultimate guide to each of Kaia Gerber’s minimalist but meaningful tattoos.

Kaia Gerber Fine-Line Tattoo Collection
1. Jordan

Geber, an aspiring supermodel, revealed her first tattoo at 17: her middle name, Jordan, written in cursive. What better way to begin your tattooing journey than by getting a tattoo of yourself? 

Image via Instagram.com/KaiaGerber
2. Eros, Mermaid, Wine Glass And “Boobs”

Proving that matching tattoos are something even the beau monde is privy to, Gerber revealed that she has a hat-trick of matching tattoos with her best friend, Malibu-born model-turned-musician Charlotte Lawrence. Gerber told in a recent interview that she and Lawrence have matching tattoos of mermaids, a wineglass, and the Greek god Eros. “We got [a tattoo]. In an interview, Lawrence said she had the best time ever after visiting Greece with her family. Gerber noted that they also had tattoos of their boobs. She described the delicate, hyperfeminine illustration on her inner forearm as “a realistic rendering.”

Image via Instagram.com/KaiaGerber
3. Angel

The left side of Gerber’s ribcage is adorned with a large and recognizable tattoo of a cherub holding two wings outstretched. 

Image via Instagram.com/KaiaGerber
4. Red Heart

Continuing the theme of ‘blink-and-you’ll-miss-it’ tattoos on the inside of her arm, Gerber has etched a small anatomical heart in red ink. Gerber’s seat is worn on her arm with this tattoo. It’s located just below the crook in the elbow.

Image via Instagram.com/KaiaGerber
5. Piccaso ‘Woman With Dove’

Keeping with the angelic theme of her tattoos, Geber has an illustration of Picasso’s single-line ‘Woman With Dove’ drawing on her inner arm.

Image via Instagram.com/jonboytattoo/
6. Folding Arms Into Heart

Gerber debuted this tattoo during a pandemic. She recently sported an ink of two-folded arms forming a heart shape on her side. Recent sightings suggest that Gerber has removed her body art.

Image via Instagram.com/KaiaGerber
7. 444

Gerber chose a triplet of 4 for another COVID-19 ink just below her outer left bicep. In numerology, the “444” tattoo is an angelic number that represents clarity and determination. This tattoo may be Gerber’s way to manifest protection and stability in her life.

8. 23

Gerber’s second tattoo is a small “23” just above the elbow on the back side of her arm. Some speculate that the number 23 has significance because it represents her career milestone. She entered her first Chanel Haute Couture Show on January 23, 2018. At only 16 years old. Some speculate that “23” could be about Michael Jordan’s basketball number. She shares a similar name and tattoo with the elite sportsman.

9. Strawberry Fields

Gerber’s scapula is adorned with the phrase “strawberry field” in a small, arched font. This refers to The Beatle’s song “Strawberry Fields Forever”.

10. Prez

Gerber, whose brother Presley has a cursive tattoo with her name, returned the favour by having his nickname, “Prez”, drawn in block text on her upper left shoulder. Currently dating Gerber, she has a cursive tattoo of her brother’s name. Gerber returned the favour by getting his nickname “Prez” drawn on block text on her upper shoulder. Elvis, You could read this as her love for King Rock’n’Roll, Austin Butler.

Image via Instagram.com/KaiaGerber
11. I Willn’t

Gerber’s wrist is covered in a tattoo that says, “I won’t”. A red line has been scratched into the tattoo in red ink. It was more apparent than Logan Roy’s underline/strike in Succession Season Four.

12. Solemate

Gerber doesn’t just share a tattoo with Cara Delevingne. Gerber chose an unconventional tattoo, a foot that matched her friend Cara Delevingne. The phrase “soulmate”, written on the inner arches of the feet, is a playful play on the idea that the two supermodels are each other’s soulmates.

Image via Instagram.com/KaiaGerber
13. Bouquet Of Flowers

A delicate boutique of three roses is also adorning the inside wrist of Gerber.

Image via Instagram.com/EvanKim
14. 1999

In honour of Presley Gerber, Gerber has tattooed “1999” above her ankle, on the back of her leg. Gerber’s third and last number tattoo is a tribute to her brother Presley.

15. Silent Madness

Geber also has a similar tattoo on her ankle. Could it be a nod at Presley’s “Misunderstood” face tattoo?

16. Rocketship

Gerber has tattoos based on flight themes and has a small image of a cartoon spaceship beneath her lateral malleolus.

17. Interlocking Chain

Gerber’s arm is adorned with a delicate four-link chain.

ETAILS Kaia-Gerber-Chain-Tattoo
(Photo by Corey Nickols/Getty Images for IMDb)

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