Filipina Tattoo artist on her Journey to Success

‘I would always communicate with my client. It’s the small details, like the day at work or the story behind a tattoo, that allow you to have a conversation. My goal is to build trust. This helps me gain their trust and improve my work. Kristen Nonato is focused on trust building with her clients. Credit: Johanna Bertumen Nonato

Kirsten Nonato, a young girl, knew she wanted creative work. After lots of drawing, she started to experiment with henna.
“I have always wanted to be an Artist since I was a little girl. When I was high school, I was a huge fan of henna. My arms were covered in henna when I arrived at school. People would approach me to ask if they wanted to apprentice. shares Kirsten. When she was younger, she didn’t take it seriously.

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It is always a good idea to have a consult. We welcome consultations before we ink anything. Consultations allow the artist to gain a better understanding of the client’s needs. It also gives the client an idea of what to expect. Kristen Nonato explains how to get inked. Credit: Johanna Bertumen Nonato

She was in her senior year of highschool when she received the opportunity. Johanna Bertumen Nonato was her mother and she met a client as a tattoo artist. After graduating from animation, Nonato became an apprentice and inked tattoos every day since.

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