Ft. Stewart’s 3rd ID holds annual Twilight Tattoo ceremony for Marne Week

FORT STEWART, Ga. (WTOC) – It’s Marne Week and the Fort Stewart’s 3rd Infantry Division is continuing their grand tradition – Twilight Tattoo.

Fort Stewart honors its soldiers and their history by hosting this evening.

“The Rock of the Marne….a firm foundation of our nation’s defense.”

That’s the nickname of Fort Stewart’s 3rd Infantry Division that just turned 105 years old.

They celebrated their big day with a Twilight Tattoo grand bang.

“We execute it at twilight and it’s centered around a daily ceremony we do around army instillations called retreat where they bring the flag down. It traditionally marks the end of the duty day so twilight tattoo,” said BG Kevin Lambert, Fort Stewart’s 3rd Infantry Division Deputy Commanding General-Maneuver.

Tuesday night’s final message was to remember their history those who were called to service and those who are no more here.

Hundreds of trees at Warrior’s Walk line Cottrell Field where the ceremony happened. The trees are meant to honor 3rd Infantry Division Soldier’s since 2003 who have sacrificed their lives for our country.

Families, soldiers present and incoming, are reminded that there is a bigger picture.

BG Lambert said, “history, our birthday, the camaraderie, the sacrifice and the bond that keeps us together.”

So they’ll always take it back, to the beginning, when it all started during World War I and keep adding to the pages in future history books so the world can remember too.

“We know that this division is going to get called into action in the future. We’ve been a part of every major conflict in the past 100 years and we stand on the legacy of those who came before us.”

Marne Week is still being held at Fort Stewart.

On Wednesday, the division headquarters will host their Christmas fest and tree lighting.

On Thursday, there’s a gate memorialization. It will take place at Fort Stewart’s Cashe Garden.

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