Ghanaian Musician Fantana Explains Her 18 Tattoos

Ghanaian artist Fantana revealed to her fans what the tattoos she has on her body mean and how many there are.

Fantana's tattoos
Fontana describes the tattoos she has on her body. Image Credit: @tv3_ghana @iamfantana Source: Instagram

Fantana shares details about tattoos

In an exclusive interview on TV3, she explained that the first tattoo in the video was to remember her late grandmother.

The second was a Bible passage, while the third was just words, such as warriors, strength, and that famous Bible quote, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.

She revealed that she has 18 tattoos on her body, each with its meaning.

She was wearing all black and rocking her face without makeup.

Below is a clip of Fantana discussing the tattoos that she has.

Fantana’s Tattoos: One person shares her opinion

A commenter on the post said that despite being a vast Fantana fan, she was unhappy with her tattoos.

She said that she does love her. She felt something after she saw them.

Below is her comment:

yaaqueen25 opined:

The tattoos on her body made me feel something, but I didn’t understand why.

Black Sherif pays tribute to Abeiku Santana in a rap track

Black Sherif had composed a song for Abeiku and performed it on the air for the first time.

It comes after UTV and Okay FM’s presenter, who prophesied he would succeed in the music industry within three months.

Abeiku’s Santana was praised for making Blacko’s dreams come true.

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