Grimes Shows Off ‘Alien Scar’ Tattoos As She Promotes New Song

Grimes fully embraces her desire for a “complete alien body!”

Claire Elise Boucher is a Canadian singer known for her avant-garde style. She continues to embrace her otherworldly aesthetic in her recent Instagram post. The star’s latest artistic choice pushes the boundaries of self-expression while promoting her new music. 

Grimes’s New Body Ink Exudes Futuristic Vibes

The songwriter showed off her unique style in a close-up photo. She proudly displayed a series of white scar-like letters tattooed on her collarbone. 

She posed with an open mouth, showing chipped teeth, while wearing heavy blush around her eyes and cheeks. The 35-year-old captioned the post, “Alien scars by @zhenja_tttr 🪐,” and invited her fans to explore her latest song. 

Fans quickly flocked to the comments. One fan suggested, “I vote for this as the cover of one of the books or at least one of the timelines.”

Grimes Shows Off 'Alien Scar' Tattoos As She Promotes Her New Song
Instagram | grimes

Another fan expressed excitement by pleading, “I want our new album right now.” While another found common ground with them and joked, “Chipped teeth twin.” A supporter appreciated Grimes’ unique persona, stating, “She loves being so special ❤️ And I appreciate that so much 👽.” 

She captivated the crowd the same day by revealing her eerie leg design. A web of tangled, twisted lines covered a large portion of the shin and leg. 

She wore a hoodie on some slides and a matching top under it on others. She sported heavy winged eyeliner and shimmery shadows around her eyes and lids. In the photo’s caption, she teased a new music video and revealed details about her latest song.

“Altho I do genuinely love and adore this song ngl, @anyma – if I ever get to do a video for it rly feeling some sci-fi phantom of the opera thing where I’m the phantom, and we’re the only two ppl left on a giant spacecraft that’s lost contact. Like toxic horror pseudo-Victorian gay space romance.” 

She also raved over her tattoo, saying she has “a bunch of incredible pics” and calling it a “masterpiece.” The “Geidi Primes'” singer announced her music promotion after she revealed that she had severed ties with Columbia Records after three years. 

The Blast continues to operate despite her departure. The “Visions'” artist expressed her excitement for artificial intelligence on Twitter. She confirmed her release from the company. 

She posted a screenshot of an article about fake hits made by Drake and The Weekend using A.I. She spoke out about it on her official Twitter account. Writing: 

“I will split 50% of the royalties from any AI-generated songs that use my voice. I will do the same with any artist that I collaborate with. Please feel free to use the voice I provide without penalty. “I have no legal or labeled obligations.”

Grimes Shows Off 'Alien Scar' Tattoos As She Promotes Her New Song
Instagram | grimes

“I find it cool to be fused,” said the “Shinigami Eyes” singer. [SIC] “I like the idea that all art should be open-sourced and copyrights eliminated.”

Not The ‘Alter Ego’ Star’s First Rodeo

The Blast reported in September that, after teasing her social media followers about her plans to modify her body, which included elf ears as a desire, the electropop superstar revealed a new look on her Twitter account. 

Share this surprising update with your friends. Grimes exclaimed, “I’ve done something crazy!” The photo is accompanied by the face of her after-surgery, partially covered by a hospital gown. 

Bandages covered her ears, causing speculations about possible ear modifications. Pink patches on her cheeks, which draw attention to her closed eyes in the picture, add intrigue.

The “Saturday Night Live guest star, who has not responded to numerous questions about her plastic surgery procedure, revealed that she completed her album in the clinic.

She described it humorously as the “most Hollywood of all moments” as she considered releasing the first and second albums. Grimes also mentioned receiving a “mix-back” for “the endless assassin” and planning to review it once her children were asleep.

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