Heather Locklear, 61, Flaunts Her New Tattoo on Daughter Ava’s Wrist

Heather Locklear proudly displays her tattoo in honor of Ava. Ava is her only child and has been her mom’s rock during her struggles with addiction, rehab, arrests, etc.

DailyMail.com photographed the actress, aged 61, with new tattoos on her wrist as she left the upscale Greek Taverna Tony restaurant in Malibu.

Her new tattoo says ‘Ava.’ This is the name of Heather’s daughter, who is 25 years old and whose father, Richie Sambora’s, ex-husband, is 63.

The Melrose Place alum wore a black tee shirt with yoga pants and a baseball cap that featured a smiling face. After dining with friends, she wore flip-flops and a Louis Vuitton bag.

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DailyMail.com caught actress Heather Locklear 61, displaying a new wrist tattoo in honor of Ava Sambora, 25.
Her new tattoo reads 'Ava', which is the name of her 25-year-old daughter whose dad is Heather's rocker ex-husband Richie Sambora, 63
Heather Sambora’s ex-husband Richie Sambora is Heather’s 25-year-old daughter, and her new tattoo is ‘Ava.’

Ava is Heather's only child. The doting mother has expressed how proud she is of her daughter, who has just graduated with her Master's from USC
Heather has only one child, Ava. Heather, a proud mother, has spoken of her pride in her daughter, who just received her master’s degree from USC.
After dining with friends, she wore flip-flops and a Louis Vuitton bag.

The Melrose Place alum was dressed casually in a black t-shirt, yoga pants and baseball cap with a smiley face on it
The Melrose Place alums were casually dressed in black T-shirts, yoga pants, and baseball caps with embroidered smiley faces.

She wore flip flops and carried a Louis Vuitton purse after dining with friendsShe wore flip flops and carried a Louis Vuitton purse after dining with friends
After dining out with friends, She wore flip-flops while carrying a Louis Vuitton handbag.

DailyMail.com spotted the actress, 61, last week showing off her new ink as she left lunch at upscale Greek restaurant Taverna Tony in Malibu
Last week, the actress, 61 years old, was seen showing off her new tattoos as she left lunch in Malibu’s upscale Greek restaurant Taverna Tony.

Ava’s unwavering support for her mother is said to have helped Ava finally become sober in 2019.

Ava, it is reported, was there to witness her mother’s demise. It all started with a DUI following the split between Sambora and Sambora in 2006.

The following decade was a whirlwind of hospitalizations, arrests, and 20 stints at rehab.

The actress’s young daughter, heartbroken by her actions, ‘begged her mother’ to help her.

Ava has spoken out about the lessons her mother has taught her. She even credited Heather for helping her overcome her ‘debilitating anxiety.’

Heather has spoken out about Ava’s importance to her. In previous interviews, she referred to Ava as a miracle and praised her kindness and strength.

Heather’s daughter is always near her, so getting her name tattooed on her wrist was natural.

It's been Ava's steadfast support of her mother that was said to have helped the star finally get sober in 2019
Ava’s staunch support of her mom is believed to have been the critical factor in helping Ava get sober.

Ava reportedly had a front-row seat to her mother's fall from grace that kicked off with a DUI after she and Sambora split in 2006The next decade was filled with hospitalizations, several arrests and 20 stints in rehab

Ava reportedly witnessed her mother’s descent into evil, which began with a DUI in 2006 after Sambora and she split—a decade of hospitalizations, arrests, and rehab stints followed.

Ava is the daughter of Locklear and former Bon Jovi rocker Richie Sambora; the trio are pictured in 2005, a year before their split
Ava Sambora is the daughter of Locklear, and Richie Sambora is the former Bon Jovi Rocker. They were pictured in 2005, a year before their breakup.
Soon after she and Richie went their separate ways, Heather's troubles began. She is seen with Ava when she was little
Heather’s problems began soon after Richie, and she separated. Ava is shown with Heather when she was young.

A source told People that Ava and her mother have a loving, supportive relationship. Heather was in rehab at the time.

As painful as it may be, she understands that her mom is in charge and God has the final say. She can only do what anyone else would: pray and support.

Last week DailyMail.com obtained exclusive photos of the 25-year-old as she picked up her master’s degree at the University of Southern California.

Ava beamed with pride as she wore her cap, and While posing, the student stole the Class of 2023 sign.

“Today, I will receive a Master of Science in marriage and family therapy from USC!” Ava said.

“I am so grateful for these past two years and the amazing people I have met.” Cheers to the Class of 2023′

Her mom was at the graduation and wrote on Instagram that she is a “proud mama.” Congratulations to my baby on your MFT master’s degree. Congratulations on your MFT.

Last week DailyMail.com obtained the exclusive photos of the 25-year-old as she picked up her Master's degree at the University of Southern California
DailyMail.com got exclusive photos of the 25-year-old when she received her Master’s Degree at the University of Southern California.
Last week, Heather attended a friend's wedding with her fiancé Chris Heisser and posted a photo of the occasion to her social media. Fans thought this meant the couple had gotten married, but Heather later clarified that they have not
Last week, Heather attended a friend’s wedding with her fiancé Chris Heisser and posted a photo of the occasion to her social media. Heather later clarified to fans that this did not mean the couple was married.
DailyMail.com broke the exciting news in 2020 that three years after rekindling her relationship with her high school sweetheart Chris, she accepted his proposal. Heather, Ava and Chris are pictured together in a social media snap
DailyMail.com reported in 2020 that Chris, her high-school sweetheart, proposed to her three years after they rekindled their relationship. Heather, Ava, and Chris appear in a photo on social media.

Last week, Heather attended a friend’s wedding with her fiancé Chris Heisser and posted a photo of the occasion to her Instagram.

She wrote: ‘Cheers, Mr. and Mrs. Woods’, along with a picture of the names she and Chris had written in frosting on their dessert.

Heather wrote, “Oh dear, I didn’t get married.” Later, Heather clarified, “Oh dear, it was not a marriage.” Sorry, it turned out different. I was with a friend [sic] Wedding for Whom I’ve Known [sic] All my life.

Even though she did not wear her massive engagement ring on her last outing, the couple is still together.

DailyMail.com She announced in 2020 that she accepted his engagement three years after rekindling a relationship with Chris, her high school sweetheart.

She has been going steady with her on/off Beau since cleaning up her act following a highly-publicized stint in rehab.

They dated at Newbury Park High School in the late 70s, had multiple marriages, and have been through their fair share of ups and downs since reuniting in the fall of 2017.

Heather and Tommy Lee dated for a while before Heather began to date rockers Tommy Lee between 1986-1993, then Sambora between 1994-2006.

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