Here are the meanings behind BLACKPINK members’ secret tattoos

BLACKPINK (블랙핑크) has been one of the most groundbreaking and elite performers in the K-pop landscape. With their amazing talent and beauty, the world-famous girl band never fails to impress fans (lovingly called BLINKs).

However, underneath their glamorous and flashy image, the girls are also a rebellious bunch, as shown by the tattoos they have on their bodies. While some tattoos were temporary, many fans were still delighted by the discovery. We’ve come up with a compilation of the members of BLACKPINK’s tattoos as well as the possible meanings behind them.

You can see the complete list below.

1. Small “h” Tattoo On Rosé’s Arm

Screenshot 1354

Last week, Rosé’ walked the red carpet at the Sulwhasoo and the Metropolitan Museum of Art party in New York City. With her elegant appearance, the Australian idol instantly caught the attention of many. Eagle-eyes fans noticed a small tattoo on Rose’s arm. It is known that the small “h” ink is an abbreviation for the name of her pet dog, Hank, symbolizing Rosé’s undying love towards her furry companion.

2. Jennie’s Wrist Tattoo

Screenshot 1353

Jennie was spotted wearing a large tattoo on her wrist just before making her K-pop debut. She sported a temporary tattoo on her wrist with the words “Stay Strong” designed in cursive, which presumably served as a self-encouragement message, especially during her tough trainee days. The tattoo was removed after she made her debut.

3. Jisoo’s Heart-shaped Tattoo 

Screenshot 1352Screenshot 1351

Contrary to her sweet and “fragile” image, it’s interesting to know that the “Flower” singer has a strong and assertive personality. Fans noticed a tattoo of a heart on her right upper quadriceps in December 2022. It is visible when she moves, even though it is hidden under her clothes. It’s safe to say that the heart symbol holds a special meaning to Jisoo, as she also incorporates them in her official autograph.

4. Lisa’s Edelweiss Tattoo

Screenshot 1350

Lisa has a meaningful tattoo, just like her fellow members. After being spotted with a new tattoo on her body, the Thai idol caused a stir last month. The 26-year-old entertainer was inked with her favorite flower, the Edelweiss. The white flower with star-shaped petals symbolizes devotion and toughness, which perfectly suits the image of the “Money” rapper.

Which of these BLACKPINK members’ tats is your favorite?

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