How a Woman with 800 Tattoos Faces Society

The excess of anything is bad. This saying is true for the woman with excessive tattoos on her body and face. The woman’s large tattoo collection has become a hindrance in her life. Melissa Sloan is a 46-year-old Welsh mother who has a total of 800 tattoos.

Melissa’s obsession with getting tattooed has cost her a lot. While tattoos have personal meanings for many, Melissa is paying the price. She has been denied employment and faces discrimination in shops and other buildings.

Melissa’s partner is said to have added three new designs every week. Most of this work was done in their own home by unconventional methods. Melissa’s excessive tattooing, however, has negatively affected her job prospects. She has been unemployed for seven months.

Melissa spoke about her struggle, describing how doors were slammed on her face and tattoo artists refused to work with her because she appeared “beyond assistance.” Melissa’s struggles extend beyond her professional life. She has been banned from pubs and even the school her children attend. She is also challenged by the derogatory comments she hears from strangers in front of her kids.

Melissa’s love of tattoos remains unwavering despite the increasing difficulties. She refused laser treatments that could remove the tattoos and even considered the bold prospect of tattooing the eyeballs.

Melissa’s tragic story illustrates the dangers and consequences of excessive body modification. Melissa’s journey is a reminder of the importance of balance and moderation in body art.

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