I’m a granny and I love my 29 piercings and face tattoos

She’s not like a normal grandma — she’s a cool grandma.

TikToker @lefthanded_granny has stunned the Internet with her distinctive look. She posted videos to show off her 29 tattoos, piercings, and diamond grill, as well her colorful wigs.

The self-proclaimed “tatted and pierced-up beauty” has millions of views on her videos, many of which include probing questions from her followers — about which piercings and tats hurt the most and least, what she won’t be getting and her other body modification aspirations.

When asked how many piercings she has currently, she revealed, “I have 20 in my face, one in my tongue, three or five in my ears. I have had my nipples done. And that’s it.”

She nearly lost count before remembering to add in a caption, “I have my smiley (frenulum) and belly button, also.”

She also hopes to get a mandible piercing, she recently confessed, which starts at the base of the tongue and emerges underneath the chin — but she’ll have to travel for that.

lefthanded granny 10
She’s proud to be eccentric and plans on continuing with tattoos and piercings.
lefthanded granny 00After sharing her unique style, TikToker @lefthanded_granny gained 195.7k followers and millions upon millions of likes.
lefthanded granny 06The grandmother from Indiana loves her appearance, despite some negative comments.
lefthanded granny 02The “tatted, pierced-up beauty,” answers viewers’ burning questions online about her tattoos.

“They’re not advanced enough in order to do it well,” she explained. “I can’t find a piercer in the state of Indiana to do this piercing.”

Also, the glam granny admitted that she would have one piercing. Not Get it done: The achilles heel puncturing, which wraps around the back of your ankle through the achilles tendon.

She’s been known to take TikTok with her on piercing appointments, such as one which sees her have the tip of her nose poked.


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Following her latest face piercing — a pair of “lowbret” piercings just beneath her lower lip — she posted a follow-up video to show off her increasingly sparkling face, asking fans, “Whatcha think TikTok? I love it.”

Critics responded with “[too] damn much is what I think” and “please are you a human being?”

Others approve of the stunning look.

“Shine bright like a diamond! Love your style,” gushed one fan. Others called it “gorgeous” and “soooooo cuteeee.”

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