Ink for Paws Helping All About the Pawz Rescue


In a heartwarming synergy of artistry and compassion, six adept tattoo artists recently lent their skills to a noble cause, creating pet-themed tattoo designs to support All About the Pawz Dog Rescue. This annual tattoo and piercing fundraiser in Austintown transcended the typical tattoo experience, transforming it into a meaningful initiative to bolster the shelter’s mission.

The event saw a congregation of dog enthusiasts and tattoo fans eagerly awaiting their turn to contribute to a cause beyond personal adornment. The focal point of this creative endeavour was to generate funds vital for the sustenance and care of the animals at All About the Pawz, a dedicated dog rescue centre in Austintown.

Angi Westhead, a passionate volunteer at All About the Pawz, highlighted the significance of the fundraiser, stating, “We are trying to raise funds to maintain shelter, housing, food costs, vetting costs, just the basic needs for dogs that we are trying to get adopted.” The commitment of the volunteers and the generosity of participants contribute to covering essential expenses and ensuring the welfare of abandoned dogs.

The tattoo artists, showcasing their creative prowess and dedication to a cause, spent the day etching intricate pet-themed designs on the eager skin of dog lovers. Each stroke of the needle symbolized more than body art; it became a gesture of solidarity with the rescue mission, a commitment to positively impacting the lives of sheltered dogs.

All About the Pawz operates solely through the efforts of volunteers, and the proceeds from this fundraiser play a pivotal role in maintaining shelter infrastructure, covering housing expenses, providing necessary nutrition, and facilitating crucial veterinary services. The care these funds provide extends to abandoned dogs awaiting adoption, creating a lifeline for these furry companions.

The urgency for additional funds this year amplifies the challenges faced by All About the Pawz as an increased number of strays seek refuge and care. Westhead candidly shared, “This year has been rough for dog rescue. We are overwhelmed with how many dogs we are trying to save [and] trying to get adopted.” The funds generated from the tattoo and piercing fundraiser become even more critical in addressing the growing needs of the rescue centre.

The community’s response to the event was not just about getting a new tattoo; it was a collective effort to contribute to a cause that resonates with animal compassion. Participants eagerly donated money and bags of dog food, recognizing that their actions directly translate to the well-being of the shelter’s canine residents.

Adding an element of excitement to the fundraiser, two raffles were introduced. The tattoo raffle, where participants received one ticket for every 5 pounds of unopened, sealed, and non-expired dog food donated, provided a unique way to encourage contributions. Additionally, a piercing raffle, with tickets available for $5, offered participants a chance to win piercings and jewellery. The more tickets purchased, the higher the chances of winning, adding an extra layer of engagement to the event.

For those seeking a comprehensive rundown of tattoo prices or looking to revisit the event’s highlights, detailed information can be found on the Tattoos for Rescues – A Benefit page.

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