Jayson Tatum’s Back Tattoo: The Hidden Meaning Behind The Celtics Superstar’s Ink

Jayson Tatum, like many NBA players, has a lot of tattoos. The players indulge in different types of tattoo styles, ranging from your entire body being covered like the way LeBron James did or perhaps a couple of small pieces scattered across the body like the way Stephen Curry did. Tatum is an interesting case, as he’s in between these two superstars at the moment.

Tatum wanted tattoos from the beginning. He wanted to get inked because his father always had them, and he ‘wanted to be like his dad.’ The All-NBA Boston Celtics player got his first tattoo in 2017 on his wrists.

He said that after getting his wrists tattooed, he felt such pain that he did not want to experience it again. He knew that as time passed, there were other things he wanted to have engraved in his body.

What is Jayson Tatum’s back tattoo?

Jayson Tatum has a back tattoo that reads ‘God’s Will’ that he got in 2020. The tattoo is vast, spanning from shoulder to shoulder. Tatum, raised in a religious environment, is the perfect candidate for this tattoo.

Other tattoos on his body include a picture of him and his mother as a child. He has a giant ‘98’ on his left knee with a blacked-out star in the background. The skin on the knee is in direct contact with the back, so it hurts quite a lot. Despite his low pain tolerance, he still got the tattoo.

The 98 is his birth year, 1998. He also has what looks like an explosion with the words ‘St. Louis ‘til the world blows’. This refers to his childhood and his deep connection to his hometown.

Jayson Tatum shoves a referee and doesn’t get ejected

The Boston Celtics retaliated with a vengeance after losing to the Joel Embiidless Philadelphia 76ers in an embarrassing home loss. The Boston Celtics won Game 2 by 121-187 and blew it wide open in the third game.rd The Sixers are outscored by 35-16 in the fourth quarter.

Jayson Tatum’s performance was poor. He scored 7 points in 3 quarters on 1-7 field shots. He pushed a referee out of frustration in the first quarter but didn’t receive a technical. This seems almost unheard of in today’s NBA.

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