Jean Paul Gaultier’s Tattoo Collection: A Fusion of Heritage and Modern Chic


Renowned fashion house Jean Paul Gaultier is back in the spotlight with an exciting new capsule collection that pays homage to its rich archives. Titled simply ‘Tattoo,’ this collection draws inspiration from a legendary theme that debuted in the label’s Spring/Summer 1994 collection, Les Tatouages or Tattoos. This groundbreaking collection from 1994 featured flesh-toned and sheer skintight ensembles adorned with vibrant tribal motifs, setting the stage for the fusion of fashion and body art.

Creative Director Florence Tétier has masterfully curated the ‘Tattoo’ collection, bringing to life a stunning array of tattoo-inspired designs. These captivating prints grace tops, skirts, and body-hugging stretch tulle jumpsuits. Some pieces feature all-over tattoo prints, while others delicately accentuate the clothing, as seen in the longline dresses and transparent bodysuits celebrating the female form in glorious glory.

For the first time in over a decade, Jean Paul Gaultier introduces fresh iterations of the iconic tattooed sailor-style top, infusing it with a blend of stripes and traditional Japanese tattoos. This timeless design can be spotted in wrap-front jumpers, pareos, trousers, and turtleneck tops. Esoteric tattoo graphics find their place on scarves, adding an intriguing dimension to the collection.

The ‘Tattoo’ collection is a tapestry of fashion experiences, offering trompe l’oeil elements like faux denim tops, swimsuits, and sheer-effect knitwear that artfully replicate the allure of a naked female body. Among the highlights are sweatshirts emblazoned with the ‘Safe Sex Forever’ tattoo slogan, a creation by Jean-Paul Gaultier from 1996. Leather and denim pieces, suits, casual tops, bodysuits, dresses, and the label’s iconic corsets with pointed breast cups complete this extraordinary ensemble.

Fashion enthusiasts and Jean Paul Gaultier fans can explore this remarkable collection from October 6, available on the Jean Paul Gaultier e-shop and select multi-brand retailers. To add a touch of whimsy to the collection’s debut, the brand has unveiled a playful campaign featuring the escapades of two night owls, model Mia Kidis and Dominican actress and model Omahyra Mota—both of whom hold a special place in Gaultier’s creative history. The lens of New Zealand-born artist and photographer Sharna Osborne skillfully captures the campaign.

Florence Tétier, the Creative Director behind this innovative collection, reflects on the revival of Gaultier’s fashion heritage, stating, “The label’s archives are incredibly modern. By revamping the body-hugging clothes scattered across all our most iconic collections, I wanted to celebrate the kind of Gaultier woman who likes to party while maintaining a professional attitude, like a cabaret dancer.”

Jean Paul Gaultier’s ‘Tattoo’ collection transcends time, bridging the legacy of the past with the allure of the contemporary. It’s a fusion of heritage and modern chic, a celebration of individuality and artistic expression—an embodiment of Gaultier’s enduring spirit.

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