Logan Paul’s Tattoo and Its Meaning: Exploring the WWE Star’s Ink

In recent years, Logan Paul has been one of the Internet’s most controversial names. His career began on social media with videos. Now, he is a professional wrestling wrestler as well as an entrepreneur.

After his debut last year at WrestleMania, where he faced Dominik, he has made regular appearances with WWE. He met The Visionary Seth Rollins on The Grandest Stage of All this year.

Logan Paul (Credits BBC and Rolling Stones)
Logan Paul (credits: BBC, Rolling Stones).

The social media sensation is also a part of the Men’s Money in the Bank Match that will be held at the O2 Arena in London. Logan Paul has a successful career in professional wrestling.

PRIME is also a new energy drink he co-founded with his former boxing opponent, KSI. It’s been gaining popularity in recent months. They didn’t receive a positive response from the audience—Copenhagen, where they held their last fan meeting.

He’s famous for his tattoos. He has a Squirtle Tattoo, which is beautiful, but the fans don’t know the meaning.

Logan Paul got a Pokemon tattoo.

Logan Paul has a Pokemon tattoo on the left side of his stomach. Squirtle, therefore, is the Pokemon. It’s also the Squirtle Squad version. The water-type Pokemon is wearing his glasses.

The tattoo was a representation of his childhood and personality.

Logan Paul revealed to the world that his brother Jake Paul is also a tattoo enthusiast. Paul doesn’t consider himself a cool person. He believes he is more of a comic. He decided to get Squirtle as a tattoo.

Logan Paul’s Pokemon NFT Collection is Worth $5.2 Million

Logan Paul has a passion for Pokemon that is unmatched. Logan Paul bought many Pokemon Cards last year. One of them was a 1998 ultra-rare holographic Pikachu ‘Illustrator card. In perfect condition, the card’s value was estimated at $5,275,000.

The card was also worn by him when he appeared at WrestleMania in 2022 as part of a team that included The Miz. Logan Paul was also reported to have difficulty buying the card. The YouTuber purchased the card for 4 million USD from its owner.

Logan Paul and his Pokemon card (Credits Marca and Kotaku)
Logan Paul holds his Pokemon Card (Credit to Marca and Kotaku).

However, he later turned the card into a ‘digital asset’ where his community “Gets co-owning it together.”Paul listed the digital asset on a liquid market and claimed a minority stake of 49% in the NFT, while the public holds 51%. The digital asset was listed on the liquid market for 5 million dollars.

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