Lucid Tattoos’ Lindsay Joseph Faces Backlash Over Pricing Tactics


TikTok recently witnessed a startling controversy involving multiple women sharing stories of exorbitant prices for concept sketches, thrusting tattoo artist Lindsay Joseph of Lucid Tattoos into the spotlight as a contentious figure on the platform. Allegations circulated that Joseph might have been tracing drawings and charging customers exorbitant amounts for these initial sketches. This led to widespread speculation and discussions on social media regarding the nature of these controversies and the subsequent responses.

Based in Canada, Lindsay Joseph faced criticism for her high pricing strategy for tattoo designs, sparking outrage when a dissatisfied client, Courtney Monteith, took to social media to expose the hefty fees. The revelation of pricing details shocked many online users, and the ensuing controversies surrounding Lindsay Joseph and Lucid Tattoos were soon dubbed “Tattoo Gate.”

The saga unfolded on May 10, 2023, when Courtney shared video clips detailing her experience with an unnamed tattoo artist. Although initially keeping the artist’s identity confidential, it was later disclosed that Lindsay Joseph was the subject of the controversy. In the TikTok videos, Courtney recounted her appointment with Joseph, revealing a sketch that deviated significantly from her initial request. Despite having paid a non-refundable fee of $180, the consultation unveiled a tiered pricing structure for tattoos.

Lindsay Joseph’s pricing options for tattoos varied:

Option 1

For $1,500 plus tax, clients received a concept sketch of the tattoo with one minor change and a final design review.

Option 2

Priced at $3,500 plus tax, this option included two concept sketches, several tattoo design changes, and a final design review.

Option 3

Lindsay Joseph of Lucid Tattoos
A screengrab of Courtney Monteith sharing the story on TikTok. Photo: @lynzway Source: Twitter

The third and final option was priced at $6,000 for multiple sketches, reviews, and a canvas of the concept sketch. Courtney chose option one because she thought the design charges would be removed from the tattoo’s final cost, but that wasn’t the case.

At first, I kind of thought that price was going to then be taken out of the final cost of my tattoo, but then I found out that it was not. I was still kind of blindsided. I didn’t know what to say.

Lindsay Joseph of Lucid Tattoos responds.

With the video clip going viral, another woman, Ri McMcue, revealed she was scammed out of $4,000 when she booked a consultation with Lindsay in 2021. Also, netizens had so much to say about the tattoo nightmare. Some of Lucid Tattoos reviews and responses included:

Sarah Wingo tweeted:

That is bananas! Also, I get that tattoo artists are artists, BUT also that art is going on someone else’s body, and they are paying money for it.

Ashe wrote:

Oh my god… yeah, I would be seeking reimbursement. For that much money, definitely. That’s wild. The pictures she sent were very clear as to what she wanted.

Oops Anon stated:

I saw that and that poor lady. Ridiculous

OhEmG wrote a tweet:

I don’t even hate the idea of paying for the drawing. It’s still their time. But $1700?! And it’s not even applied to the final cost!

Latest updates

Where is Lindsay Joseph of Lucid Tattoos now? Following the viral uproar surrounding her controversial practices, Lindsay Joseph has taken a decisive step by making her Instagram account private. Despite the widespread attention, she remains conspicuously silent on the matter, offering no public statement to address the allegations. Notably, fellow tattoo artists have not remained silent on this ugly drama.

Matt Vaught, an award-winning tattoo artist based in California, stepped forward to rectify the situation by proposing a new design and offering to tattoo Courtney. While tactfully avoiding direct mention of Lindsay, he characterized the unfolding narrative as:

“An ever-developing tale of a tattoo artist swindling people out of money.”

Lindsay Joseph Fast Facts:

  • What is TikTok Tattoogate? It is the latest TikTok drama exposing a Canadian tattoo artist, with dissatisfied customers sharing their negative experiences.
  • Did Courtney Monteith get a free tattoo from Matt? Courtney was uncomfortable with a free tattoo and donated to a Fox Rescue Centre instead.
  • Who is the artist behind TattooGate? Lindsay Joseph is the figure behind the viral hashtag tattoogate.
  • Where is Lindsay Joseph of Lucid Tattoos now? Her response to the controversy involves making her Instagram account private.
  • How much did Lindsay Joseph of Lucid Tattoos charge for a tattoo? Lindsay’s tattooing services are available in three packages priced at $1,500, $3,500, and $6,000.
  • Who exposed Lindsay Joseph of Lucid Tattoos? The revelation came from an unsatisfied client, Courtney Monteith.
  • Who offered to give Courtney Monteith a new design and tattoo for free? The California-based award-winning tattoo artist Matt Vaught extended the offer to rectify the situation.

Final Word: #Tattoogate emerges as TikTok’s freshest drama, exposing negative experiences with Lindsay Joseph of Lucid Tattoos. Multiple individuals have come forward, sharing grievances ranging from exorbitant design fees to lacklustre tattoo outcomes. Amid this controversy, Lindsay Joseph’s silence and the generous gesture from Matt Vaught add layers to this unfolding narrative. Meanwhile, TikTok users continue to amplify their voices, shedding light on their encounters with the Canadian tattoo artist.

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