Machine Gun Kelly’s Summer Vacation Kickstarted with a Meaningful Tattoo from Daughter Casie

Machine Gun Kelly, the tattoo his son has added to his body, is significant as he created it.

The artist has often flaunted his daughter at red-carpet events with a star-studded crowd.

The 13-year-old girl cute gesture to show her love for her father won the hearts of her supporters.

Backstage at Hellfest Festival, Machine Gun Kelly gets a tattoo from his daughter

The “Emo Girl” rapper and his only daughter treated themselves to a never-to-be-forgotten summer vacation that included Kelly getting a new body artwork and the duo strengthening their already tight bond.

Machine Gun Kelly has his daughter Casie draw a tattoo on him

The artist posted a photo on Instagram of his vacation in Europe. Uploading a photo collection of the two of them having a blast and creating memories is incredibly entertaining.

The image of his daughter, aged 13, holding a gun to tattoo her dad’s arm was striking. In the picture, the two were sitting backstage in an empty room. The rapper wore black-and-white striped trousers, and his daughter wore customized white round-neck T-shirts with matching socks and designer shoes. 

On other slides, the proud father performed in front of a happy crowd while his back was turned to the camera. He also displayed a tattoo titled “MGK,” boldly declared on his lower back. In the meantime, his blonde locks were styled in spiky spikes to make them stand out. His looks were further enhanced by a chain with a spiny design. 

In a later slide, “Bad Thing’s” crooner donned black leather shorts over a matching jacket. A leather belt was also worn to blend with the inks all over the body. Another frame included a snap of Kelly and Casie at the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show during Milan Fashion Week.

For the event, the proud dad spotted a black leather biker jacket from the Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 23/24 collection that he styled with a black cummerbund, black wool-tailored trousers, black gloves, and black pointy leather boots. 

He skipped the shirt underneath his jacket to tease fans by showing off his tattooed chest. He wore DG drop earrings, a black Swarovski pendant, and DG pearl drops to accessorize his outfit. His fishnet mask was the most memorable part of his outfit.

Machine Gun Kelly and daughter Casie enjoy summer vacation

Casie’s dress was strapless and had mesh and boning detailing. It came with a black leather laced-up boot, a golden chain, and pearls. 

In the slide below, the father-daughter pair was captured resting in a car after many adventures. While Casie was scrolling through her smartphone, the rapper fell asleep while he lay on a colorful quilt and held Casie’s hand.

In the caption of his post, he said, “My daughter told me summer vacation. But we ended up in Hellfest.” Fans showed their love by liking the post and leaving heartfelt comments.

Fascinating facts about MLK’s teenage daughter

Casie was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on July 24, 2009. She has always been a big part of MGK’s life and has been involved with his music career since she turned a teenager.

Davidson, now 13, and Kelly collaborated on a track at age 12 for Kelly’s 2022 Album. The teenager and Davidson appeared in a vocal way called “Wall of Fame — interlude,” where the duo made magic and disparaged Los Angeles culture. 

She’s good at cooking and has her father’s artistic genes. Kelly revealed Casie’s cooking skills during his appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in March 2022. The rapper played a “Burning Questions” game.

When asked, “What was something your daughter taught you?” he stated, “I was always going crazy about her blueberry pancakes, and I was like, ‘How do you do that? How do you get blueberries to go in the pancakes?” And she said, ‘Yeah, just put the blueberries in the pancakes.”

Machine Gun Kelly and daughter Casie at Dolce & Gabanna Show

“I had no idea how to incorporate blueberries into pancakes.” He continued. All you need to do is pour the blueberries into the pancake mix. It’s a very anticlimactic event.”

The 13-year-old also seems to have a positive outlook on life. During a recent “Drew Barrymore Show” interview, MGK discussed Casie’s vivacity, innocence, and vigor.

“I was walking behind my daughter at the airport the other week, and she has this walk. It’s this pure jump; she’s so enthusiastic for life as if she’s still so young. I’ve seen so many things in my life. “I pray to every god that her bounce lasts forever and no one interferes.”

The proud dad declared, “I will take any amount of torture that would come her way if it can just be on me so that she can keep that forever because… it’s worth living to see that. Her voice is sweet and not tainted by what the world can offer.

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