MAFS Evelyn Reveals Surprising Way She Hid Her Large Tattoo on the Show

Married at First SightEvelyn Ellis revealed the truth behind her tattoo and how she hid it when appearing in this year’s reality show.

The 27-year-old model had a colorful, half-sleeved tattoo on her upper right arm while she was on Big Brother UK In 2016, which was not visible when she married on MAFS.

MAFS’ Evelyn Ellis with a faded tattoo on her right arm.
Evelyn Ellis, MAFS, reveals that she is currently having her half-sleeved tattoo removed. Photos: Channel Nine

Evelyn spoke candidly about her tattoo during an Instagram Q&A on Thursday and revealed she’s currently getting it removed.

She told her followers, “I had tattoos on my body when I was young. I decided then to remove them with lasers.”

“It is pretty light, but when I do a shoot or go to an event and want to wear something which reveals my arm, I cover it with makeup. But it’s almost completely gone, so there’s no point in worrying about it anymore.

During the Q&A, Evelyn also responded to one follower who asked if she was still friendly with her MAFS ‘husband’ Rupert Budgen.

“Yes, I’m sure that I am,” she replied. “I still have a friendship with Ruperto.” Duncs and I visited him when he last visited Sydney – or rather, he came to us. We still keep in touch.

Another fan also asked Evelyn about rumors she and her boyfriend Duncan James – who went public with their romance last month – are in a ‘fake’ relationship for social media.

“Yep, that’s right,” she replied sarcastically. “How can anyone be attracted to a guy like that?”

MAFS’ Evelyn Ellis wearing a sleeveless dress.
Evelyn says that she conceals her tattoo using makeup whenever she wears clothing that exposes her arms. Photo: Instagram/Evelyn.Ellis

Evelyn makes a career-changing move.

Evelyn’s Q&A comes shortly after. The fans may not have to wait long to see their favorite bride again on the screen.

According to an insider in the TV industry, Evelyn was dubbed “Channel Nine’s new darling” after she impressed the bosses of the network as well as viewers from Australia and Britain.

The source said, “The network wants to keep Evelyn as a family member and champion her.”

She’s relatable, popular, and has always wanted to work in TV. Now it’s a question of finding the right opportunities and developing her skills. The job could range from hosting segments to Today Extra. If they bring it back, you can even get her to appear in your digital series Celebrity Apprentice. It’s exciting to see all the possibilities.

Evelyn has enlisted Jai Evans, a top Australian publicist, to help her build a successful media career.

She’s also signed with Australia’s leading influencer and creator agency, Max Connectors, representing Martha Kalifatidis, Ella Ding, Tammy Hembrow, and Jadé Tunchy.

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