Man is the first to get tattooed by a monkey

One man claimed that he was the first to have a tattoo done by a monkey. This bizarre video has become viral on social media. (Link end of the article)

Funky Matas is the Guinness World Record holder for having the most celebrity signatures tattooed on his back. However, he took on a new challenge: he was tattooed by an animal monkey.

The monkey was taught to use a small tattoo gun, and then it was taught how to draw a Matas tattoo.

Matas shared an Instagram video of the monkey tattooing Matas.

The video mentions the precautions taken to execute the stunt. The video states, “We do not encourage anyone to replicate or reenact the same thing you are about to see.”

“We were initially skeptical about the monkey tattooing. I was immediately told that he wouldn’t be tattooing me. After spending about an hour teaching the monkey different techniques, including food, with 2 monkey trainers… The text on the video says, “This happened.”

“Giving new meanings to the term “Monkey Tattoo” I’m officially the first person in the world to get tattooed by a monkey!” Matas captioned it.

One user wrote, “Only you would do something so wild.” Another user said, “This was legendary!”

Another user commented, “That monkey is an artist, and he can be a tattoo artist.” Another commented, “Terrible. Stop using primates for such crazy things.”

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