Man gets matching tattoos with strangers

One man, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer three years ago is determined leave something behind.

Strangerink, an organization that supports non-profits, was founded by Don Caskey. He decided to get tattoos together with strangers in order to build relationships.

More than 600 people have had matching tattoos done with Caskey in the past 18 months.

Caskey told KATC that many more people around the world are interested in doing the same thing.

“When they diagnosed you, I said you know? I have two options. I have two options. I can either wait for death or I can live. I decided to live. When I was sick, I learned that funerals can be expensive and people who are ill have poor health. They worry about how to live and enjoy their lives. Caskey explained that funerals can be expensive and that they are difficult to afford.

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