Michael McIntyre ridicules Jermaine Jeanas’ tattoo of his wife’s face

Jermaine Jenas may regret revealing he has a tattoo of his wife’s face after Michael McIntyre took his chance to poke fun at the ink.

The former professional footballer and host of The One Show was the celebrity guest on this week’s episode of Big Show, but it was a casual chat at the start where he dug himself into a bit of a hole.

Michael invited Ellie to join him and asked Jermaine where they first met. Jermaine answered that it was in a club.

While it was ‘love at first sight’ for Jermaine, he said he had to work hard to woo her.

‘I had to do a bit of convincing and I had to graft for it,’ he said.

After referencing one of his more iconic matches, Jermaine said he was riding the high of the win but afterward Ellie, who jumped in and made sure to specify she’s a Chelsea fan, cut things off between them.

‘I just wasn’t feeling it,’ she laughed.

Ellie and Jermaine Jenas.
Ellie joined Jermaine in the show (Picture courtesy BBC/Hungry McBear/Gary Moyes)

When he was away playing with England after that though she got in touch and let him know she’d changed her mind and not missed her chance, he wanted to make things official and for others to know ‘she’s mine’.

Jumping in to correct his choice of words, Jermaine said that had sounded ‘bad’, but Michael ran with it and said: ‘What did you do, did you tattoo her?’

‘Well I do have a tattoo of her actually,’ he shared.

The tattoo of Jermaine's wife Ellie.
The tattoo in question is Ellie’s face running down his left arm (Picture: BBC)

‘That’s the night I met her,’ he continued, signaling it was based on a photograph of her at the time.

Taking off his jacket Jermaine then showed it off, however, he was met by Michael saying: ‘Ok no wonder she ran for the hills JJ.’

‘Tattoo, that face, my body,’ he joked while recreating how he thinks JJ might have looked dancing around in the nightclub.

The episode ended with the Send to All segment results flooding back, and it was apparent that sharing his story had returned to haunt the host.

After Michael sent a shirtless selfie of Jermaine working out, captioned it ‘perfection’, and sent it to his contact list, Robbie Williams replied and it was savage, to say the least.

‘If by perfection you mean tattoos you could only pick out of the 1990s then yes, you’ve reached genius level’.

A good sport about it all, Jermaine ran with the punches and couldn’t stop laughing as other messages roasted him kept coming.

Michael McIntyre’s Big Show airs on Saturdays at 8 pm on BBC One.

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