After his family discovers his tattoo, a missing man was found in a shark’s stomach

Authorities in Argentina believe that Diego Barria was involved in an accident with his vehicle and was dragged to his death.

The remains of a man who vanished earlier in the month are thought to have been recovered by a shark.

Diego Barria is a father of three children aged 32 and was last seen riding his all-terrain vehicle on the coast of Argentina’s southern Chubut Province on 18 February.

Two fishermen reported to the local coastguard on Sunday morning that they had caught three school Sharks within a few kilometers of Mr. Barria’s vehicle.

Daniela Millatruz was the law enforcement officer in charge of the search. She stated that fishermen said they had found human remains in sharks while cleaning them.

His family recognized Mr. Barria “due to a Tattoo that appeared in one of those remains”, she said. However, they will also be subject to DNA testing to confirm their identity.

Although it is unclear what happened, investigations continue. Two days after Barria disappeared, his damaged car was discovered on a beach close to Rocas Coloradas.

Ms. Millatruz said that Diego had been in an accident and that they are looking into whether there were any vehicles involved.

Cristian Ansaldo heads Comodoro Rivadavia’s police department. The shark was approximately 1.5m in size. It is possible that Mr. Barria was involved in an accident and was dragged.

He claimed that Barria disappeared because of a strong tidal surge last weekend.

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